The United States Department of Defense Has Been Perpetrating a Deception Worldwide Regarding Their Supposed “COVID Vaccine”

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Sasha Latypova, Pfizer’s representative, defended their actions in a False Claims Act case against them over their Covid-19 “vaccines” by insisting that they “did not defraud the government.” Rather, according to her statement, it is the government who has ordered this fraud.

The US Department of Defense requested “demonstrations” from pharmaceutical companies via the same private approach they employ to purchase weapons. Although they referred to them as medicinal products, for legal reasons these had to be labeled emergency use permitted “countermeasures.” Unfortunately, no pharmaceutical laws regulate countermeasures.

“I assure you, everyone involved knew that these products were not manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards and regulations. Yet despite this knowledge, they continued claiming otherwise,” Latypova declared emphatically. “These are far from being actual pharmaceuticals – the truth is that they are countermeasures! In other words: They simply lied to you about it.”

In the bustling Stockholm Waterfront on 21-22 January 2023, 15 renowned physicians, scientists and legal professionals from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Francem Belgium Switzerland. Israel Ukraine and Norway met with 7 Swedes to partake in a international conference concerning ‘Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences‘.

To provide the experience that attendees had in-person, we are releasing presentations and panel discussions from the program at a rate of three per day, exactly as they were presented during the event.

Alexandra “Sasha” Latypova proudly shared her experience during the presentation. She is an esteemed MBA holder and a retired Pharmaceutical R&D Executive, with over two decades of expertise in the pharmaceutical sector under her belt. In addition, she owns and operates multiple contract research organizations, which have collaborated with more than sixty global pharma customers on clinical trials endeavors. She was deeply troubled by the blatant fraud, cover-up and irregularities surrounding the tragic amount of casualties resulting from the covid vaccine rollout.

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During her talk, she illuminated that her initial research was to analyze the covid vaccine’s adherence to good manufacturing practices. This practice is mandated for drugs, food products and other items made in large quantities that are consumed and must meet certain quality standards set by regulating agencies. For instance, when you purchase your preferred beer today and then go back to the store a week or month later, you want to guarantee that your experience remains consistent. It is exactly like if someone were buying aspirin in a pharmacy; no one wants their product to vary by hundreds of times within just seven days. By assuring quality control standards are met continuously, we ensure reliable outcomes for customers.

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers are expected to practice [good manufacturing standards] and deliver an identical outcome each time they produce a product. That means every pill, vial or shot should be made of the same components and have consistent characteristics in order to remain compliant with regulations,” said Latypova.

The United States Department of Defense Has Been Perpetrating a Deception Worldwide Regarding Their Supposed “COVID Vaccine”

According to Latypova, “Serious adverse events and deaths were present in almost every lot with some lots having thousands of incidents reported. This is clearly not a product which meets good manufacturing practice standards. I firmly believe that, until we have a better understanding of the flu vaccine and all other vaccinations, nobody should take them. This is my professional stance on the matter.”

The graph above displays Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), Moderna and Pfizer’s data. Below is a chart for Moderna; the blue symbolizes serious adverse events, while orange illustrates death post-vaccination. According to Latypova, “A well-manufactured product should not display these results at all.”

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The United States Department of Defense Has Been Perpetrating a Deception Worldwide Regarding Their Supposed “COVID Vaccine”

Highlighting the importance of the lot listed in her graph, Latypova noted that on January 18th, Orange County’s Health Department flagged this particular batch of Moderna for an ‘unusually high number’ of allergic responses. Despite their warning and observations, no action was taken to stop these injections; instead they continued being distributed throughout the United States until supplies ran out at the end of March.

We all know that if any trace of salmonella is found in a salad, the entire product must be taken from shelves across the nation. Such precautionary measures should always be employed by manufacturers as they possess systems to determine such cases. Luckily, most recalls are done voluntarily because no organization wants to put their consumers at risk.

With this Moderna lot, no one stepped in. Neither the manufacturer nor Orange County’s health authorities or any other monitoring group for that matter. Sadly, it is now associated with more than 65 US deaths and 3000 serious adverse events. Therefore, if something like this has already occurred then all follow up actions are premeditatedly taken from here on out.

Every researcher that has put forth inquiries or criticisms concerning regulatory authorities have been told the same thing: “We evaluated it. It’s safe and effective. Go get vaccinated.” What could be causing this global phenomenon? Why is there a uniformity in their responses no matter where you go?

Latypova has teamed up with Katherine Watt, a legal researcher who writes articles on her Substack page titled ‘Bailiwick News‘, to expose the sinister and unlawful design of this government-pharma-military criminal cartel. “In reality, it is operational in every corner of the globe,” she mentioned.

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Since the early 1960s, ‘Other Transaction Authority’ has been an essential government contracting framework used by NASA. Today, eleven federal agencies leverage this system to acquire goods and services with plenty of secrecy – including the Department of Defense who traditionally relies on it for acquiring weapons from defense contractors but now is using it to purchase a pharmaceutical product. As Latypova described: “They are able to achieve their desired contract without having to adhere strictly to procurement rules.”

Moreover, Latypova spotlighted the US code which states that during an emergency health crisis, the use of “countermeasures” isn’t considered a clinical investigation – and this is extremely important. This means if these countermeasures can’t be categorized as investigational products then they are exempt from pharmaceutical regulations.

Our government deceived us, and the world’s other governments relayed this lie to their citizens:

They were deceitfully asserting that their health event and pharmaceutical products met the highest quality standards, despite being fully aware of the fact that no such regulations apply to these remedies.

The government deceived us by claiming these to be pharmaceuticals when they’re not. Our government has been dishonest with how it is handling this crisis and instead of treating it as a health issue, war-like tactics were employed. All in all, our trust was betrayed and the situation kept hidden from us.

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