My Beloved Veteran Father Was Among the First to Receive the COVID Vaccine and Remarkably, Only 4 Days After His Jab, Everything Changed

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We were assured that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and efficient. Nevertheless, my family’s collective experience has disentangled this narrative – based on what I have personally observed.

Devastatingly, my brother experienced a stroke just two weeks after he received his first shot of the vaccine. My father was inflicted with excruciating nerve pain four days post-vaccination and sadly succumbed to COVID-19 only one month later.

While we cannot assign causation to the correlation between these tragic events and vaccinations, it is only natural for us to attempt to find an explanation when death or serious illness occurs.

For the past two years, I’ve been struggling to comprehend why my brother and father both perished. As far as I can tell, it was likely due to a disastrous medical experiment conducted on them without their knowledge or consent.

It’s understandable to be skeptical of my deductions from family and medical history, or even consider them coincidental. Still, given their close proximity in both timing and circumstance, it appears that a solid conclusion can finally be drawn – this is as close to the proverbial “smoking gun” as I’m ever going to get.

At my daughter’s confirmation party, tragedy struck when my brother suffered a stroke while sitting on the couch. Once we arrived at the hospital with him, they probed every possible issue but one: Had he been vaccinated against COVID-19?

As restaurant hostesses and airline employees verified vaccination cards, the medical staff at his hospital showed no curiosity in the fact that just two weeks prior he had received a newly developed vaccine without any long-term research on its effects.

When my brother raised that to his care team as a potential culprit, they all appeared astonished and remained speechless.

To my surprise, he decided to get vaccinated despite our father’s experience; trusting the so-called “science” at that time.

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Since my father was residing in a veterans’ nursing home, he was among the first to be eligible for vaccination. On January 2nd of 2021, guided by our Roman Catholic faith, he received the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, which was produced without the use of fetal tissue. Nonetheless, it later came to light that these cell lines did originate from aborted fetuses.

Within four days of receiving his initial vaccine injection, my father was taken to the ER in excruciating pain that ran all along his right side. The anguish he experienced was unlike anything he had ever felt before and it showed no signs of abating.

No matter what the doctors prescribed, they were unable to alleviate his pain. At one point he had so many medications in his system that I watched him turn blue and cease breathing right before my eyes as I frantically yelled for a nurse’s help.

It was bizarre – his left side had been completely numb for the 13 years since he experienced a brain hemorrhage. But then, after receiving just one jab of medication, he felt an excruciating pain that surpassed any other physical discomfort in his life! There hadn’t been anything between those two events… nothing to signal this sudden shift from numbness to agony.

When my father inquired to his physicians if what he was experiencing could have been a reaction from the vaccine, they dismissed him. At first, it seemed unfathomable that this shot could bring forth such effects, but I later realized how plausible his assumption was in hindsight.

He stayed in the hospital for a couple more days until his discomfort had settled, yet no answers were received. (Interestingly enough, this side effect is now acknowledged and documented in medical literature.)

Not long after, my father was back at the ER in need of help to breathe again—this time due to a COVID-19 diagnosis.

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After two weeks of intensive care on a ventilator, the hospital staff proposed more extreme solutions, which my father would not accept. Ultimately though, he never awoke from his coma.

Tragically, he passed away on February 6. I was informed by a nurse working in the ICU that day that most of the beds were occupied by individuals from his home— all suffering from COVID-19 and eventually succumbing to it as well.

By the time we collected his items from the veterans’ home, a team member admitted to us that almost 20 other residents had passed away. This particular facility may have endured some cases here and there, but most of these courageous service members managed to survive for nearly an entire 12 months without tragedy like this.

After the rollout of the vaccine, it appeared to us as an unmitigated disaster.

Those who still stand behind the COVID-19 vaccines insist that those of us raising questions about it, based on stories like these, are simply “anti-vaxxers” trying to invalidate the shots.

That statement could not be more incorrect.

My father and I both believed it was the right decision, so he relied on my opinion as his healthcare proxy.

From the moment that the pandemic began, I was certain that there would be a vaccine soon enough and we’d race to make sure we were at the front of the line when it arrived. Our son, who had just turned six years old and was still only a year into his remission from bone marrow failure, filled us with dread.

After the authorization of emergency use for vaccines, my husband and I adopted a ‘wait-and-watch’ attitude due to the innovative technology employed in them. Nevertheless, it was an obvious decision to give a COVID-19 vaccination to my father who is 69 years old and housed in a nursing home.

That decision continues to haunt me today.

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Prior to the advent of a vaccine for COVID-19, I found it incomprehensible that some people asserted vaccines were fruitless and even detrimental—as if pharmaceutical companies had ulterior motives.

I am completely taken aback by the ignorance, indifference, and even cruelty demonstrated by those who created, authorized, distributed or administered these vaccines. Such actions are beyond inexcusable – they are downright malicious.

Without question, the administration misled people about these vaccines. They won’t prevent transmission or infection entirely and their influence on hospitalization is disputable at best; they may reduce them, but certainly don’t stop them altogether.

It’s time we openly and frankly talk about the COVID-19 vaccines, both in regards to all of the “sudden deaths” cases as well as other side effects that can be directly linked to getting vaccinated (e.g., injuries with similar timing and nature).

I’m desperately hoping that none of this is true.

I wish that I have been misled by the multitude of online conspiracy theorists.

I fervently hope that I am embarrassingly and incredibly wrong about the hazards of COVID-19 vaccines, to the extent that I have to publicly express my remorse in an act of self-humiliation.

If I’m right, then many people close to me who have been vaccinated could be facing serious consequences. This fear terrifies me and makes me think of my brother and father, both of whom I lost due to the same issue – which is why it’s essential that no one else endures what they did.

If you’d like to read the tribute I wrote for my beloved father, please click this link.

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