Robert Malone Calls for FDA Recall of ‘Adulterated’ Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

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Recent revelations suggest that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine may be compromised due to the presence of an undisclosed DNA sequence, according to experts. Dr. Robert Malone, a respected vaccine authority, has advocated for a recall of the vaccine, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. “It absolutely should be recalled,” Dr. Malone asserted.

This concerning discovery centers around the inclusion of a Simian Virus 40 (SV40) DNA sequence within the vaccine, a fact confirmed by Canadian authorities. While the full SV40 virus has been linked to cancer and consequently removed from previous vaccines, the specific genetic sequence associated with malignancy is not present in Pfizer’s vaccine.

However, there is a segment known as a promoter-enhancer that raises apprehension. This component has the potential to facilitate entry into the nucleus, posing a significant concern, as noted by former Johnson & Johnson scientist David Wiseman.

In light of this revelation, some experts argue that the FDA should categorize the product as adulterated, as per federal law, which defines it as deviating from official standards in terms of strength, quality, or purity.

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Congress has directed the FDA to take swift action in cases where a drug is suspected of being adulterated, fails to meet compendium standards, and poses a health hazard. Dr. Malone underscored this directive, highlighting that if the manufacturer neglects to recall the product, seizure becomes a viable option.

Dr. Janci Lindsay and others in the field echo this sentiment, emphasizing that the presence of this sequence categorizes the vaccine as adulterated. However, both Pfizer and the FDA have yet to comment on these developments.

Senator Ron Johnson, who has been actively researching DNA contamination in COVID-19 vaccines, emphasizes the need for regulatory agencies to address these legitimate concerns. “The FDA must provide answers to the legitimate questions being raised,” he stated.

If the FDA fails to take action, Dr. Malone suggests that state attorneys general could step in to seize the vaccine due to its adulteration. While this potential course of action remains on the table, no response has been received from several attorneys general on the matter.

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Health Canada asserts that sponsors, including Pfizer, are expected to disclose biologically functional DNA sequences like the SV40 when seeking clearance. Although Pfizer submitted the full DNA sequence of the plasmid, it did not specifically identify the SV40 sequence. After independent researchers brought attention to it, Health Canada confirmed the presence of the enhancer. Whether Pfizer similarly failed to disclose this information to the FDA remains uncertain.

While the emergency use authorization (EUA) under which the vaccine was initially granted might offer a defense for the FDA, experts argue that the totality of circumstances necessitates action. Mr. Kevin McKernan’s findings, presented during an FDA meeting, revealed that Pfizer did not disclose the SV40 sequence to the European Medicines Agency, adding weight to the concern.

In a recent preprint paper, researchers, including Mr. Wiseman and Mr. McKernan, tested vials of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, confirming the presence of the SV40 sequence in Pfizer’s vials but not in Moderna’s. This corroborates earlier findings and underscores the need for further investigation into potential clinical implications.

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Dr. Phillip Buckhaults and Dr. Wafik El-Deiry, both experts in cancer research, emphasize the importance of vigilance in monitoring vaccinated individuals for any potential genome modification and call for comprehensive research into the vaccines’ effects on various bodily systems.

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