Rand Paul Reveals What They Didn’t Want You To Know About COVID, the Lab Leak, and Fauci (VIDEO)

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Top scientists tried to cover up the origin of Covid, according to Senator Rand Paul.

In his new book “Deception: The Great Covid Cover-Up,” Paul backs up his claims about a Covid lab leak from a research facility funded by Anthony Fauci.

It looks like it came from the lab,” Senator Rand Paul says. “America funded it. It was maybe not done with evil intentions. It was done with the misguided notion that gain of function research was safe.”

Gain of function research includes making viruses more deadly or infectious, in order to develop vaccines.

Paul argues that gain of function is a risk to civilization: “We could wind up with a lethal virus that leaks out of a lab and kills half of the planet.”

Watch the video below for more on why Paul thinks Covid came from a lab, and how officials tried to cover it up.

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