Northern Ireland: MLA Says There Is “Blanket Silence” Around COVID Vaccine Injuries Despite Thousands of Reports

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The Democratic Unionist Party’s MLA for North Antrim, Paul Frew, has raised concerns about what he perceives as a widespread silence surrounding Covid vaccine injuries.

He highlights that despite thousands of claims reported to the Yellow Card scheme in Northern Ireland, there is a lack of discussion on this issue among health authorities, the media, and politicians.

According to Freedom of Information data, 6,678 incidents were reported, including 51 deaths, 5,093 serious events, and 1,585 non-serious events. Frew emphasizes that each report may not represent a unique case, as some incidents could be reported multiple times by different parties.

Frew underlines that it’s essential to acknowledge adverse incidents related to Covid-19 vaccines openly, as avoiding discussion may erode public trust.

He notes that while there have been payouts in the UK for vaccine injuries, no one in Northern Ireland has received compensation despite the numerous reports. The compensation threshold is set at 60 percent disability, which means individuals must meet this criterion to be eligible for a £120,000 payout.

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The Yellow Card scheme reveals that the majority of reports pertain to Pfizer/BioNTech and AstraZeneca vaccines, with Pfizer receiving 3,251 reports, of which 2,339 were serious, and 14 reported fatal outcomes.

AstraZeneca garnered 3,131 reports, with 2,533 being serious, and 37 claiming a fatal outcome. Moderna vaccines were also reported, with 194 incidents for the monovalent version and 29 for the bivalent version.

Frew shares personal accounts of individuals who have reported various adverse effects, including blood clots, neurological damage, heart issues, and disruptions to menstrual cycles.

He emphasizes that he is not against vaccines but stresses the importance of having an open discussion and providing support for families affected by vaccine injuries. He also criticizes the media for downplaying the issue and points out that many feel alone and ignored due to the lack of coverage.

Frew also addresses political opposition to discussing vaccine injuries, particularly from Sinn Féin and the SDLP, who have been hesitant to support events focused on the topic. He suggests that this opposition may be linked to their support for Covid certification and vaccine mandates.

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He believes that shedding light on these stories is crucial, despite potential discomfort for certain politicians.

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