Liz Gunn, Former New Zealand TV Presenter, Describes Clinic Where 30 People Injected in One Day Are Now Deceased (VIDEO)

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Recently, former TV presenter Liz Gunn, also known as Elizabeth Cooney, brought attention to a deeply concerning incident in New Zealand. In a video update, she revealed that at a single clinic in the country, 30 individuals received a COVID-19 injection and tragically, all 30 of them passed away within the same timeframe.

Gunn gained international recognition for her advocacy in the Baby W case, where she supported parents who objected to the use of COVID-vaccinated blood in transfusions. Despite their efforts, the parents were unsuccessful in their legal battle against health authorities seeking guardianship for the surgery. In June 2023, Gunn took a significant step by launching the New Zealand Loyal Party.

Before the recent elections, Gunn was contacted by a brave whistle-blower who provided her with compelling documentation linking tens of thousands of deaths in New Zealand to these injections. She emphasized that the reported incidents are just the tip of the iceberg, as there may be additional databases collecting similar information across the country.

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What’s particularly alarming is that the number of deaths surpasses the count of individuals suffering from adverse effects of the injections. This stark reality paints a grim picture of the situation. Gunn pointed out that there are clusters of deaths associated with specific jab sites, where individuals were inoculated one after the other, all on the same day. The correlation between their jab date and date of passing is undeniable.

To underscore this, Gunn presented a shocking example: on a single day, 30 people received their injections at the same location, and all of them have now tragically passed away, their deaths occurring in close temporal proximity to one another.

In response to these distressing revelations, Gunn and others are demanding more than just an ordinary inquiry. They are advocating for a comprehensive criminal investigation that leaves no stone unturned. As she passionately stated, “New Zealand is a crime scene,” underscoring the urgency and gravity of the situation.

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  • I have evidence that can support this claim. I was a Neuro Critical Care nurse up until March of this year. I have proof that patients who received the same LOT Number on the same date were being admitted on the same date 180-700 days later. Please email me at for more information.


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