Dr. Ahmad Malik Suspended Without Pay After Warning About Vaccine Side-Effects (VIDEO)

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Dr. Ahmad Malik, a dedicated consultant orthopedic surgeon based in London, has found himself in a precarious situation after daring to voice concerns about the Covid-19 vaccines and questioning the prevailing narrative surrounding their safety and effectiveness.

Despite his noble intentions to shed light on the potential harms and efficacy of these experimental jabs, Dr. Malik now faces the harsh reality of suspension without pay.

For years, Dr. Malik diligently shared his research findings on the side-effects of the Covid vaccines through various online platforms. Frustrated by the apparent disregard for these well-founded concerns, and the perception of a possible cover-up, he boldly called for a temporary halt to the vaccine rollout, advocating for a thorough and impartial investigation.

Unfortunately, this courageous stance garnered complaints and ultimately led to Dr. Malik’s suspension by his hospital, followed by a referral to the General Medical Council (GMC). Consequently, he has endured significant financial losses, with his reputation and professional practice bearing the brunt of this suspension.

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Dr. Malik firmly believes that the very foundations of patient safety and freedom of speech are at stake. He contends that when medical professionals are restrained from offering their expert opinions without fear of repercussions, it becomes impossible to ensure the well-being of patients.

In light of these challenges, Dr. Malik has taken the decision to pursue legal action against his employer. He now seeks your support in this critical endeavor. The primary objective is to lift his suspension and thwart the attempts by certain organizations to stifle his voice.

Dr. Malik passionately asserts:

“I am Ahmad Malik, a conscientious surgeon deeply committed to upholding free speech and medical ethics. I find myself in this arduous situation, suspended without pay and marginalized simply because I chose to challenge the official government narrative. I staunchly defend the principles of informed consent, oppose mandates and lockdowns, question the use of experimental jabs, and maintain the belief in the existence of only two biological sexes.

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I am initiating this fundraiser to rally the necessary resources for my legal battle against the hospital’s decision. This action carries profound significance; it asserts that organizations cannot resort to bullying, harassment, and censorship against those advocating for medical ethics. Moreover, it serves as an inspiration for others to stand up and speak out.

My adversaries are formidable entities, and the complexity of my case is undeniable. The associated legal costs are anticipated to be substantial, likely reaching into the thousands. I am in urgent need of a substantial fighting fund that will afford me the best possible chance of success.”

Your contribution to this cause will directly support Dr. Ahmad Malik in his pursuit of justice. Rest assured, every donation will be allocated exclusively to cover legal expenses. Any surplus funds, if they arise, will be dedicated to aiding individuals adversely affected by the vaccine or supporting fellow doctors whose professional freedom of speech is similarly imperiled. Your generosity can make a tangible difference in safeguarding both medical ethics and the vital right to free expression within the healthcare community.

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