COVID Authoritarians’ Plea for Forgiveness – Here’s Why They Don’t Deserve It

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In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of the anti-mandate movement, the question of whether authoritarians deserve forgiveness and grace is gaining traction.

Scott Galloway, a prominent figure in academia and a member of the World Economic Forum’s “Global Leaders Of Tomorrow” list, is among those seeking a fresh start as he engages in discussions on platforms like Real Time with Bill Maher.

However, it’s crucial to scrutinize Galloway’s stance during the pandemic. He was a staunch advocate for strict mandates, advocating for severe penalties for non-compliance and even suggesting that the unvaccinated should be treated as second-class citizens, barred from businesses. His blog post, ‘Half Of America Has Its Head Up Its Ass. It’s Time For A Vaccine Mandate’, reflects this uncompromising stance.

Galloway’s position was largely based on inflated CDC data on COVID-19 deaths, despite emerging evidence indicating a low Infection Fatality Rate and the prevalence of comorbidities among those who succumbed to the virus. This raises valid questions about the validity of his authoritarian stance.

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The call for forgiveness is often heard from proponents of COVID-19 mandates, yet few have issued genuine apologies for their actions. Galloway acknowledges his misjudgment on mandates but falls short of a sincere apology. Instead, he attributes his behavior to imperfect information at the time, a tactic that deflects accountability.

Contrary to this narrative, credible data challenging the severity of the virus was available early on. This undermines the argument that they were operating with the best available information. Many Americans attempted to convey this reality, only to be dismissed as “selfish conspiracy theorists.”

The most troubling aspect lies with those who exploited the situation for political gain, knowing that alternative information existed. Failing to offer a genuine apology signals a likelihood of repeating similar actions in the future.

The overreach of power during the pandemic was primarily observed among left-leaning individuals, resulting in severe infringements on civil liberties. Calls for fines, imprisonment, and even child separation were proposed, reflecting an alarming level of control. This behavior demands accountability, yet it remains largely unaddressed.

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This episode serves as a litmus test for authoritarian tendencies within the US, with a significant portion of the population failing this test. While another pandemic may not occur in our lifetimes, other opportunities for authoritarian behavior will arise. Observing how individuals respond in moments of perceived safety is crucial, as it reveals their true character. Those who demonstrated a disregard for fundamental liberties have shown themselves unworthy of trust and forgiveness in future crises.

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