CDC Data Reveals Shocking Claim: COVID Vaccine Can Reduce Lifespan by at Least 24 Years

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The impact of Covid-19 vaccination on long-term health is a subject of growing concern. Recent data from NSW Health in Australia reveals a significant shift in infection rates. A year ago, doubly vaccinated individuals were 10.72 times more likely to contract Omicron compared to the unvaccinated. Now, those with two doses are 20 times more likely, and those with three or more doses are 35 times more likely.

Alarming findings from the Cleveland Clinic, as analyzed by Josh Stirling, a prominent Insurance Analyst, further highlight the concerning trend. It is evident that the health repercussions of each vaccine dose do not diminish over time; they persist indefinitely.

In fact, CDC All-Cause Mortality data indicates that each vaccine dose increased mortality by 7% in 2022 compared to 2021. This means that those who received five doses were 35% more likely to die in 2022 than in 2021. Conversely, unvaccinated individuals experienced no increased mortality risk.

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The Cleveland Clinic Data underscores a troubling reality. The original Covid vaccine, designed against the Wuhan Hu1 reference virus, proves ineffective against Omicron. It demonstrates a counterproductive effect, actually weakening the immune system in a dose-dependent manner. The more doses administered, the greater the damage inflicted upon the immune system.

Additionally, genetic vaccines like these exhibit severe side effects on cardiovascular, neurological, and reproductive systems. They pose a significant threat, akin to a form of progressive euthanasia.

The CDC’s data highlights a worrisome pattern – recovery from the initial jab is not occurring, and the effects of subsequent doses persist in terms of excess mortality. This long-term issue is akin to compound interest, with the vaccinated becoming increasingly vulnerable.

Using this data, it’s evident that a person who has received five doses could be 350% more likely to die in 2031, 700% more likely in 2041, and a staggering 1050% more likely in 2051 compared to an unvaccinated individual.

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Considering this, the loss in life expectancy for a 30-year-old male who receives five doses is substantial. The life expectancy for an unvaccinated 30-year-old male in the UK is around 80 years, providing an expectation of another 50 years of life. In contrast, a quintuply vaccinated individual’s life expectancy plummets to 56 years, resulting in a loss of 24 years of life expectancy.

The data from New South Wales, Australia further supports the evidence of vaccine-induced immune system damage. The more shots received, the weaker the immune system becomes. This trend applies not only to infection rates but also to hospital admissions.

The population of NSW, Australia, largely vaccinated, shows stark statistics for the last six weeks of 2022. Those with fewer doses are significantly less likely to be hospitalized with Covid compared to the vaccinated. The vaccines are proving ineffective and unsafe, and they are exerting immense pressure on hospitals and ICUs globally.

The evidence suggests that the vaccines are preventing the attainment of herd immunity, which has already been achieved among the unvaccinated. The prolongation of the pandemic is a direct consequence of these counterproductive vaccines.

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The acceleration in immunological catastrophe is evident, as double and triple vaccinated individuals are now significantly more likely to contract the latest variant. These figures paint a bleak picture of a rapidly deteriorating immunological landscape.

It is imperative that we reevaluate our approach to vaccination, as the credibility and viability of global healthcare hinge on an immediate cessation of genetic vaccination. The era of Big Pharma’s dominance over healthcare demands a critical reexamination of our medical practices.

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