Washington Examiner Poll Has Revealed That 50% Of Americans Believe the Side Effects of Vaccinations Have Resulted in Unexplained Deaths

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The Washington Examiner reported that almost a third of people in the United States believe someone they know has passed away due to receiving the vaccination. This demonstrates how much apprehensiveness remains amongst citizens concerning its safety.

In response to the first family’s advocacy for mass vaccination, 28% of surveyed voters claimed that they knew someone who passed away due to potential vaccine side effects.

Furthermore, a survey revealed that almost half of the respondents believe that vaccine side effects have resulted in untimely deaths. This has spurred the latest hashtag phenomenon #DiedSuddenly based off of a documentary which may have been seen to exalt false anti-vaccine theories but was viewed by an astonishing fifteen million people nonetheless.

By a substantial margin, 33% to 26%, more Democrats believe that the shot has been deadly.

Although the majority (71%) stated they had been vaccinated against COVID-19, Democrats led the way with an overwhelming 85% response rate. Conversely, only 63% of Republicans and 64% of Independents reported having received their dose.

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As America stands on the brink of a third potential wave of COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci and esteemed members at The White House have been consistently emphasizing that the vaccine is secure to consume.

Rasmussen’s findings, however, revealed that not everyone is convinced by this argument. When asked if the questions being raised are valid safety concerns or simply conspiracy theories, an astounding 48% believed there were indeed legitimate worries related to the issue – and only 37% identified those with these anxieties as conspirators.

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