UK Physicians Encounter Disapproval After Expressing Doubts About Vaccination

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In response to Dr. Ahmed Malik’s video supporting a probe into the safety of COVID-19 vaccinations, hospital organizations have come under fire in the United Kingdom.

Last week, Dr. Malik, a renowned Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon who serves multiple hospitals in London and Buckinghamshire, released a scathing video criticizing the current trend of millions of people receiving vaccinations with no long-term data to support their safety or efficacy.

“[O]ver the last couple of years, we’ve seen an increasing number of people with injuries, with adverse side effects. An increasing number of cancers, neurological conditions, heart disease, clots. And now this bombshell revelation by the MP Andrew Bridgen talking about covering up data about the safety of the mRNA vaccines,” said Dr. Malik.

Last week, Tory MP Andrew Bridgen argued that the severity of COVID-19 had been concealed from the public for months and subsequently exaggerated by authorities. He also accused a high ranking member at the British Heart Foundation of concealing potential side effects related to receiving a COVID vaccine.

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“Like Dr Aseem Malhotra has said, we really need to suspend the rollout of these vaccines. We need to stop and do a proper investigation to find out what is going on,” Dr. Malik added.

UK Physicians Encounter Disapproval After Expressing Doubts About Vaccination

The day after the video was released, Dr. Malik received a call from two hospital groups and their medical directors, who demanded that he discontinue immediately.

“Within 24 hours of my video simply asking for an investigation into the safety of the COVID vaccines, I was contacted by two hospital groups and their medical directors asking me to stop any further social media posts on this topic and to withdraw the video,” shared Dr. Malik. “I think this is medical censorship and an infringement of my freedom of speech, and also my duty of care as a doctor to speak up when I’m concerned about the safety of my patients.”

UK Physicians Encounter Disapproval After Expressing Doubts About Vaccination

In conclusion, the physician implored viewers to sign a petition that supports Dr. Malik and Dr. Malhotra—as well as many other physicians across Britain who wish to ask questions on behalf of their patients like responsible medical professionals should be able to do.

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Last week, Frontline News reported on Judge Rachel McCallum’s termination after voicing her opposition to the UK government’s campaign for obligatory COVID-19 vaccinations. Now, Dr. Malik is facing similar intimidation due to his stance against a vaccine mandate.

Both reports echo the outcomes of a study that elucidated how authorities suppress scientists who voice vaccine skepticism.

Contrary to popular belief, the study finds that vaccine dissenters are more than just “hysterical parents” or members of anti-vaccination groups. Many healthcare professionals and researchers have raised valid concerns and criticisms about certain vaccines that cannot be dismissed as mere “fake news”.

The authors of the study noted that, in return for questioning common vaccine practices, medical professionals were met with ridicule and misquoting. Furthermore, they experienced threats to their jobs or even revoking of their licenses. Interviews conducted by these researchers further revealed defamation, censorship online and paper retractions; as well as denial of research grants and hearings being called against them.

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