Vaccine Provider Incentive Program: Anthem/Blue Cross/Blue Shield Paid Physicians Extra and Awarded Bonuses for Vaccinated Patients

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Key Points:

  • There were two main incentive programs for COVID-19 vaccines.
  • In the first program, providers were paid extra per vaccinated patient, facilitated through insurance companies.
  • The specific distribution amounts to insurance companies, pharmacies, etc. are not publicly disclosed.
  • Kentucky Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield shared PDFs about financial incentive programs on their website.
  • The first incentive program paid physicians $50 per patient for each COVID-19 vaccine dose in 2021 and 2022.
  • The program expanded to include patients of all ages as vaccination age limits decreased.
  • The program potentially led to substantial bonuses for physicians based on patient vaccination percentages.
  • The second incentive program in 2021 awarded bonuses based on the percentage of patients vaccinated within a practice.
  • Calculation examples for varying percentages of patients vaccinated are provided.
  • The combined bonus and incentive program could have resulted in significant additional profit for practices.
  • The financial incentives may have influenced physicians to promote vaccines.
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