Governments Are Not Complying With WHO So “Tedros the Terrorist” Announces New COVID Diktats for Countries to Follow

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Key Points:

  • A press briefing by the World Health Dictators focused on COVID-19 and an emerging virus called Mpox (formerly Monkeypox).
  • The Dictators issued “standing recommendations for COVID-19” and indicated similar recommendations for Mpox would follow.
  • Notable figures at the briefing included Dictator General Tedros the Terrorist, Professor Preben Aavitsland, Dr. Mike Ryan, Dr. Sylvie Briand, and Dr. Maria van Kerkhove.
  • Tedros highlighted that fewer countries were reporting data, leading to a decline in reported COVID-19 cases and deaths.
  • Tedros warned about the potential emergence of dangerous variants and introduced standing recommendations for COVID-19.
  • The standing recommendations for COVID-19 encompass areas like updating national programs, sustaining surveillance, reporting data, continuing vaccination, supporting research, providing clinical care, and ensuring equitable access to resources.
  • Author Rhoda Wilson expressed skepticism about compliance with WHO directives, suggesting they could lead to a global health dictatorship.
  • The author encouraged non-compliance and resistance against perceived harmful measures.
  • The briefing emphasized ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on affected individuals and mentioned discussions about standing recommendations for the emerging virus Mpox.
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