Super Bowl Champion Sell-Out Travis Kelce Becomes Official Advocate for Pfizer COVID Booster

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In a bold move, Pfizer has partnered with NFL superstar Travis Kelce to serve as the spokesperson for their latest COVID-19 vaccine booster. Kelce, displaying his unwavering confidence in the decision, chose to disable comments on his Instagram post.

Sharing a light-hearted and entertaining video, though met with mixed reactions, Kelce urged the public to consider the new vaccine, using the hashtag “Pfizer Partner.” His message emphasized the convenience of combining the COVID-19 shot with the flu shot, aligning with CDC recommendations.


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With my hectic schedule, efficiency is crucial,” Kelce’s post conveyed. “The CDC advises getting this season’s updated COVID-19 shot along with your flu shot if you’re due for both. That’s why I opted for two shots in one visit! Consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist to see if it’s suitable for you. You can also visit CDC’s for more information and to schedule an appointment.”

The caption of the post offered a final note of guidance: “This video is intended for residents of the US and was created in partnership with Pfizer. The provided information is for educational purposes and does not replace consultations with a healthcare professional.”

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The video showcased Kelce, an ardent supporter of President Biden, playfully envisioning the process of receiving his COVID shot and flu shot simultaneously, with the tagline “two things at once.”

Kelce did face some criticism from social media users, particularly for disabling comments on his Instagram post from the outset. The Hodge Twins went as far as labeling Kelce as a “clown” for aligning with Pfizer and the pharmaceutical industry.

“Travis Kelce traded his integrity for Pfizer’s endorsement of the clot shots, what a [clown],” they remarked.

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