Study Finds That 1 in Every 874 Americans Have Succumbed to COVID Vaccines

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A review of the evidence presented on January 24th, 2023 determined that a staggering 278,000 Americans lost their lives as a result of Covid injections in 2021 alone. With 243 million people having received these shots by December 2021’s end, this estimation means that one out of every 874 vaccinated individuals was killed due to such vaccines.

To uncover the factors associated with people’s decisions to vaccinate against COVID-19 in America, an online survey was commissioned from a well-known polling company – Dynata. As per the Centers for Disease Control, around 31% of our nation had not finished their primary vaccination series until November 2022. Thus, it was essential to determine what precisely influenced citizens’ choices regarding vaccinations.

From the 18th to 23rd of December 2021, 2,840 individuals completed our survey. Of these respondents, 22% stated that they were personally familiar with someone who experienced a severe health issue post-COVID vaccination.

Results from the survey suggest that in the first year of covid-19 vaccine distribution, there may be up to 278,000 fatalities and a million severe adverse events as a result.

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Igor Chudov highlighted that the estimates of vaccine fatalities, while carefully calculated and considered, could not be precise. At the time this study was conducted, 8,023 deaths had been reported to VAERS as a direct result of vaccinations. To put these results in context against other data sources available at the time, Chudov made comparisons between all relevant reports.

  • A survey conducted by Rasmussen in January 2023 revealed that 28% of adults knew somebody who passed away because of a COVID-19 vaccination. Astonishingly, 35% of respondents aged 40 or under thought someone they personally know may have perished from vaccine side effects, whereas only 14% among those 65+ shared the same opinion.
  • According to Steve Kirsch’s calculations in mid-December 2021, a staggering 388,000 Americans had lost their lives due to Covid vaccinations.
  • According to a study conducted by Fabian Spieker, for every 1,642 doses administered in Germany, one person has died. If the same rate of fatalities is applied to the USA – based on an estimated vaccination total of 1.8 per vaccinated individual by 2021’s end– it suggests that approximately 266,400 people will have perished from Covid-19 inoculations alone.
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These three outcomes being closely related suggests that the actual number of deaths, an unknown and unknowable figure, is somewhere within this range.

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