Sore Arm After COVID-19 Vaccine: Potential Sign of Serious Complication, Warns Doctor

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Individuals who find themselves with a sore arm after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine should be aware of potential cardiac issues, cautioned cardiologist Peter A. McCullough.

Dr. McCullough emphasized the importance of inquiring about any post-vaccination arm discomfort, as it could serve as an early indicator of future cardiovascular complications, including conditions like myocarditis and sudden cardiac death. Myocarditis, characterized by inflammation of the heart muscle, can impede the heart’s ability to effectively pump blood.

Dr. McCullough referenced a study published on September 19 in the Radiology Journal, which revealed that out of 700 participants, a significant 65.4 percent reported experiencing arm pain following their COVID-19 vaccination. The study found that those reporting a sore arm also exhibited a higher myocardial visual score compared to those who did not report arm pain.

A study published by Taylor & Francis on July 20 also highlighted the prevalence of this specific pain, with 81.3 percent of 460 participants reporting arm discomfort at the injection site after their initial COVID-19 shot. Interestingly, the study noted that males were more likely to experience arm pain following both the first and second vaccinations. It was also observed that athletes who had previously contracted COVID-19 were less likely to experience arm pain after their first-dose vaccination.

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A study from November 2022, cited by Dr. McCullough, examined autopsy data from 25 individuals who had passed away unexpectedly within 20 days of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. Of these, five individuals had received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and died within a week of vaccination. In 80 percent of mRNA vaccine recipients, the study identified acute myocarditis, unrelated to any other significant underlying health conditions.

Furthermore, the study noted simultaneous inflammation in both the heart muscles and deltoid muscles surrounding the shoulder. The inflammation in the heart was primarily located in the outermost protective layer called the epicardium, situated above the myocardium. The study concluded that myocarditis could potentially be a life-threatening complication following mRNA-based anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.

Dr. McCullough drew attention to a report from December 2022, published in the National Library of Medicine, which highlighted a concerning rise in cardiac arrests among athletes. Over a two-year period from January 2021, 1,598 athletes experienced cardiac arrest, resulting in 1,101 fatalities. This represented a higher mortality rate compared to a 38-year span between 1966 and 2004, emphasizing the gravity of the issue.

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In light of these findings, Dr. McCullough underlined the significance of acknowledging a sore arm as a potential precursor to future serious cardiovascular events. He acknowledged the relative rarity of side effects among those who had received the COVID-19 vaccine but suggested that some vials may have contained little to no viable mRNA, potentially explaining the absence of side effects.

A recent study from Germany published in the British Journal of Pharmacology indicated that both Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccines induced spike protein formation in human heart cells within 48 hours of administration. Dr. McCullough speculated that the varying responses of cells to the two vaccines might imply an mRNA toxicity reaction.

Despite these studies raising concerns about potential medical complications, experts from John Hopkins Medicine continue to advocate for COVID-19 vaccinations, citing their high effectiveness in preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death. They emphasize the overall benefits outweigh the risks.

In contrast, Dr. McCullough recommends against COVID-19 boosters and other vaccines for healthy individuals, asserting that these conditions are readily treatable. His cautious approach stems from the potential risks associated with these vaccinations.

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