Pirola Variant Emerges: Dangerous New COVID Strain Raises Concerns in South Australia

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A concerning development has emerged in South Australia as health authorities report the detection of a new Covid variant, known as Pirola, for the first time. In the past week, SA Health has identified at least nine cases linked to this novel strain.

Professor Adrian Esterman, an esteemed Epidemiologist from the University of South Australia, highlighted that while our understanding of this new variant is limited, it is crucial for vulnerable populations to take precautionary measures.

He advised elderly individuals and those with compromised immune systems to prioritize their safety by donning face masks, especially until a more efficacious vaccine becomes available.

The new vaccine is the best way to do that, but until it’s available, certainly I’d be wearing a new face mask when they go shopping,” Professor Esterman emphasized, underscoring the importance of protective measures.

Reassuringly, Professor Esterman confirmed that the anticipated arrival of the new “vaccine” is on the horizon, expected to be accessible in the country by the end of the year.

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This revelation about the Pirola variant coincides with a significant surge in Covid cases over the past fortnight in South Australia. SA Health has reported a threefold increase in hospitalization rates, underscoring the urgency for continued vigilance and preventive measures in the face of this evolving situation.

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