New Study Claims COVID mRNA Vaccines Resulted in 3.5 Times More American Deaths Than the Virus Itself

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Steve Kirsch, an MIT graduate and the founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, has asserted that the experimental mRNA Covid vaccines may have resulted in “3.5 times more American deaths” than the virus itself. Kirsch is so confident in this claim that he is willing to bet $1 million to support it.

This revelation came in response to criticism from an LA Times journalist regarding a study by MSU Professor Mark Skidmore. Skidmore’s peer-reviewed research suggested that 217,000 Americans may have passed away in 2021 due to the Covid mRNA vaccines.

To support his assertion, Kirsch conducted a comprehensive survey, polling over 10,000 Americans. He asserts that the results, methodology, and survey underwent rigorous review by expert statisticians and epidemiologists, none of whom identified any errors.

During the study, Kirsch’s analysis of the first 9,620 individuals found 804 deaths from COVID-19 and 2,830 deaths potentially attributed to the vaccine. Notably, the survey covered a minimum of 108,000 individuals, including some extended families of over 25 people. It’s worth noting that the survey did not track family sizes, making the total number of family members covered a conservative estimate.

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The survey did not collect data on the age of each family member, as it would have been logistically unmanageable. The study primarily focused on the ratio of Covid-related deaths to vaccine-related deaths within extended families, excluding immediate households. This was done to mitigate potential bias, as most respondents did not vaccinate themselves or their households, which is reflected in the lower ratio for household statistics.

Kirsch emphasized that the ratio, calculated as 2830/804=3.5X, does not require complex mathematical manipulation. He maintains that the calculation is simple, straightforward, and based on verifiable raw data, free from any deceptive practices.

Kirsch extends an invitation to so-called “fact checkers” to independently verify his findings. He is open to having each entry validated directly with the submitter, provided they consent. However, he stipulates that those conducting the validation must commit to publishing their findings.

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