Ottawa Detective Disciplined for Probing COVID Vaccine Link to Infant Deaths Discussed Spike in Deaths With Chief, Hearing Told

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OTTAWA – An audio recording played at the pre-trial for Helen Grus – an Ottawa Police Service (OPS) detective being charged with disorderly conduct for investigating the vaccination status of the mothers of deceased infants -showed she sent two emails to then-Police Chief Peter Sloly to discuss a spike in infant deaths and a number of police officers with COVID-19 vaccine-related heart problems.

Key Points:

  • Ottawa Police Service (OPS) detective Helen Grus is facing a charge of disorderly conduct for investigating the vaccination status of the mothers of deceased infants.
  • Grus allegedly accessed police files and contacted the coroner’s office to learn the COVID-19 vaccination status of parents of infants who had died suddenly, suspecting a potential association between the deaths and vaccinations.
  • Grus had sent emails to OPS Chief Peter Sloly discussing a rise in sudden infant deaths and the COVID-19 vaccination status of police officers.
  • An audio recording played during the pre-trial hearing showed that Grus had received an email from her supervisor in September 2021 instructing her not to discuss anything related to the pandemic or COVID-19 vaccines in the office.
  • Despite the instruction, Grus later sent emails to Chief Sloly discussing the rise in infant deaths and officers’ COVID-19 vaccination status.
  • Grus also informed Chief Sloly about officers who experienced heart issues after receiving COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • Chief Sloly resigned from his position on February 15, 2022, following criticism of his handling of protests related to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.
  • Grus was suspended without pay in February 2022 but later ordered to return to work with restrictions.
  • Grus was working on a report to recommend changes to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome questionnaire and the investigation methodology of the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse unit at the time of her suspension.
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