Alarming Mortality Trend: Brits Dying at the Same Rate as During the Pandemic

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The analysis of U.K. population statistics reveals two striking conclusions and a pertinent observation.

Firstly, the official Covid death toll, initially reported at 230,000, appears to have been overestimated by a factor of more than 2x, adjusting for certain effects. The adjusted figure likely falls between 95,000 to 105,000.

Secondly, the accelerated mortality rate observed during the first two years of the pandemic has persisted. In the 18 months following February 2022, there have been approximately 80,000 cumulative excess deaths, of which only 15,000 can be reasonably attributed to Covid. This leaves an unexplained excess of around 65,000 deaths, constituting roughly 7% of the total annual fatalities.

A critical observation stems from the fact that by February 2022, the majority of the U.K. population had received not just one, but two doses of the Covid vaccine, amounting to 119 million vaccinations in a population of 67 million.

This raises concerns about the impact of multiple vaccinations on the natural T-cell immunity response. Since this realization, an additional 32 million ‘booster’ shots have been administered, heightening the need for a closer examination of their effects.

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Ed Dowd, a former Blackrock executive, has drawn attention to a significant rise in cardiovascular deaths among the 15-44 age group in England and Wales between 2021 and 2022. This increase, surpassing 40%, is undeniably cause for alarm.

However, the U.K. Office of National Statistics (ONS) reports a decrease in the age-standardized mortality rate in July 2023 compared to the five-year average. Despite this, there remains a palpable discrepancy in the data.

A substantial challenge arises from the inadequacy of the available data. The volatility in five-year averages post-pandemic makes it difficult to discern any new trends or patterns. Additionally, the distinction between ‘cases’ and actual infections, as well as the variability in testing numbers, further complicates the assessment of the situation. Hospitalization data, too, is limited in its scope, failing to provide a comprehensive understanding of Covid-related admissions.

Regarding official death tolls, there is an important distinction between deaths recorded as ‘with’ Covid rather than ‘from’ Covid. This distinction, coupled with the prevalence of the disease within hospitals, has contributed to the discrepancy in reported figures. The overall mortality rate has experienced an increase since 2020, but a detailed breakdown of this surge is necessary to discern the true impact of Covid.

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In summary, the analysis of U.K. population statistics yields crucial insights. The overestimation of Covid-related deaths, the sustained accelerated mortality rate, and the rise in cardiovascular fatalities among younger age groups raise important questions about the handling of the pandemic.

The scarcity of comprehensive data necessitates a more nuanced approach to understanding the evolving situation. With excess deaths surpassing official Covid-related figures, it is imperative to identify the underlying causes behind this phenomenon, in order to formulate effective strategies moving forward.

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