OSHA: The Plan Was to Force 84 Million Americans to Get the COVID Vaccine (VIDEO)

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This is insane. OSHA being exposed that their plan really was to forced 84 million Americans to get the COVID vaccine or be terminated from employment.

I want to know if you believe that OSHA actually has the power to force 84 million Americans to do that. Well, the Supreme Court ruled on that matter.

Yes, thank God the Supreme Court ruled on that and stopped you from doing that. You’re an unelected bureaucrat and you do not have the power to force 84 million people to take an experimental vaccine or show their papers. You tried to fire 84 million American workers, but do you believe the court was wrong?

You know, the court made the final decision on the matter. That’s how our judicial system works. And after they made that decision, you actually said to Reuters, this is a quote, the ruling was unfortunate, but it’s not stopping us from pressing employers to take adaptive measures to keep things in place.”

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