One in 20 UK Patients Still Report Persistent Covid Symptoms a Year After Infection

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A comprehensive study conducted by Imperial College London, involving a staggering 276,000 individuals, sheds light on the enduring impacts of Covid-19. This study, part of the React surveillance project, closely monitored participants who underwent regular coronavirus testing throughout the pandemic.

The findings reveal that a significant proportion, 59 percent to be precise, tested positive for the virus between 2020 and the previous year. These individuals were then asked to document their symptoms and any lingering effects they experienced.

While a majority of participants recuperated from Covid-19 within a span of two weeks, it’s noteworthy that one in 13 individuals reported persistent symptoms even after three months, meeting the criteria for what is commonly referred to as “long Covid”.

Remarkably, the study found that a year post-infection, one in 20 patients continued to grapple with symptoms. These included mild manifestations such as fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and joint pain. This sheds crucial light on the importance of understanding and addressing the long-term effects of Covid-19, even as the immediate threat of the virus diminishes.

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