Canada: Liberals Dodge Public Inquiry into COVID Response, Transparency Denied in Favor of Closed-Door Review

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Liberal Members of Parliament (MPs) have declined a request to initiate a thorough review of the (mis)management of the COVID-19 pandemic at a House of Commons health committee session. Instead, the Cabinet has favored a closed-door review to be conducted by advisors of the Health Minister, according to a report by Blacklock’s Reporter.

New Democrat MP Don Davies emphasized the need for an impartial, independent, well-funded public inquiry, one that includes the power to subpoena documents and require federal authorities to testify under oath. He stated, “Confidence has been tested and it has been shaken,” underscoring that a complete public inquiry into the management of the COVID-19 pandemic is the only way to restore public trust.

In contrast, Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith put forth Bill C-293, titled ‘An Act Respecting Pandemic Prevention,’ which proposes the establishment of an advisory committee for a two-year review of the COVID-19 response. Davies sought to amend the bill to allow for a full judicial review under the Inquiries Act.

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Conservative MP Stephen Ellis criticized the Liberals for rejecting a fully transparent public inquiry. He stated, “The Liberal government has chosen not to have a pandemic inquiry,” adding that it seems the government is content with a private member’s bill rather than a public inquiry.

After the government failed to conduct a comprehensive review of its own pandemic response, a fully citizen-led, citizen-funded national inquiry was conducted earlier this year. The National Citizens Inquiry spanned eight weeks, from March to May, and traveled across Canada to conduct a transparent and comprehensive review of the COVID-19 measures imposed by the government on its citizens.

An interim report released by the four commissioners overseeing the inquiry highlighted Health Canada’s lack of regulatory safeguards and called for a moratorium on the COVID-19 mRNA injections. Terminated advanced care paramedic Sean Mitchell shared his COVID-related testimony during the second day of hearings at the National Citizens Inquiry in Toronto, Ontario on April 1st.

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It’s worth noting that Canadian taxpayers have contributed nearly $7 million to compensate those who suffered vaccine-related injuries due to a program marred by bureaucratic red tape and administrative fees. This underscores the importance of a thorough and transparent inquiry into the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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