Ohio AG Denies Railroading COVID Skeptic Dr. Sherri Tenpenny in Medical Board Hearing

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Key Points:

  • Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost defends his office against accusations of mistreatment towards Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who challenges COVID-19 norms.
  • Dr. Tenpenny had her medical license suspended indefinitely by the state medical board and was fined $3,000 for allegedly refusing to cooperate with an investigation.
  •  The basis for the investigation was around 350 complaints against Dr. Tenpenny, with minimal detail provided.
  • Yost maintains that the issue isn’t about Dr. Tenpenny’s vaccine views or legislative testimony but rather her failure to meet the terms of her medical license.
  • Yost suggests that if Dr. Tenpenny had cooperated with the investigation, the outcome might have been different.
  • Tenpenny’s lawyer, Tom Renz, disputes Yost’s comparison of the situation to suspending a driver’s license for refusing a breathalyzer.
  • The due process afforded to professionals in a license investigation is different from that required in a criminal case.
  • Yost’s office and Renz offer differing perspectives on the disclosure of private complaints to Dr. Tenpenny.
  • Renz claims that Tenpenny complied with the proceedings and objections were filed to the July 14 report and recommendations.
  • Assistant Attorney General James Wakley argues that disclosing private complaints to Tenpenny could amount to “justice denied.”
  • Renz believes the board’s actions were based on “incompetence” and points out various alleged flaws in the process.
  • The case highlights debates around due process for medical professionals and the need for potential legislative reforms to protect doctors.
  • Yost and Renz continue to hold contrasting viewpoints on the situation.
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Watch video of court proceedings.

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