Groundbreaking Study Suggests Alarming Link Between Vaccine Rollouts and All-Cause Mortality Rates

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A recent comprehensive analysis of 17 countries reveals a surprising connection between COVID-19 vaccine distribution and spikes in all-cause mortality.

The study by Correlation Research in the Public Interest, based in Canada, found a significant increase in mortality rates directly following the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.

Notably, over half of the countries studied displayed no noticeable rise in all-cause mortality until after the global pandemic declaration by the World Health Organization in March 2020. This data, encompassing 10.3% of the world’s population, underscores an unprecedented surge in all-cause mortality linked to vaccine rollouts.

The study’s statistical assessment of mortality data showed an elevated risk of fatality per injection, particularly with age, resulting in an estimated 17 million (± 500,000) COVID-19 vaccination-related deaths globally as of September 2, 2023. This staggering figure, surpassing previous reports by a factor of a thousand, raises serious questions about the efficacy and safety of the vaccines.

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The research, authored by Denis Rancourt, Ph.D., Marine Baudin, Ph.D., Joseph Hickey, Ph.D., and Jérémie Mercier, Ph.D., highlights the need for thorough risk-benefit analyses before prioritizing elderly populations for COVID-19 vaccinations.

These findings challenge prevailing narratives, suggesting a compelling correlation between vaccine rollouts and mortality rates. The study’s rigorous approach, examining all-cause mortality data, provides a critical perspective on the pandemic’s impact on global health.

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