Nurse Reveals That the COVID Vaccine Killed Nearly 20% Of Patients at Her Facility (VIDEO)

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Nurse Nikki Hanna reveals that nearly 20% of residents of her nursing facility died from COVID vaccine.

In her 32 year history, she’s never seen anything like what has happened after the COVID vaccines rolled out.

100 person facility. Avg of 7 deaths per year when the facility is full.

During the pandemic, the facility often ran between 50 and 60 patients.

2020: 2 cases COVID but no deaths.

COVID shots rolled out on Jan 15 –  90% took jab (staff and residents)

Over the next 3 months, 11 patients died, but normal expectation is 1 death over a 3 month period. So that’s 10 excess deaths and there were around 50 patients resident at the time which is a 20% excess death rate.

None of these people died from COVID.

Nikki said there is no other explanation for the 10X rise in the death rate.

At the time, everyone was so busy that nobody realized that there was a 10X excess death rate.

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When the pandemic started 90% of the staff wanted to take the vaccine.

Today, 0% of the nursing staff will take the COVID vaccine. If it is forced, they will quit.

The Medicare records for deaths in her facility do NOT match what she personally observed.

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