Bill Gates: People Who Resist ‘mRNA Tsunami’ Will Be Excluded From Society (VIDEO)

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The globalist elite, including Bill Gates, are asserting that experimental mRNA vaccines could potentially replace conventional medicines. They warn of a future where individuals may be required to take numerous mRNA shots annually to fully participate in society.

Despite reports of unexpected deaths and severe health consequences, Bill Gates and others continue to champion mRNA COVID-19 vaccines as a significant success.

Big Pharma executives have stated that there is an impending surge of mRNA-based treatments, covering conditions like heart disease and cancer. Interestingly, these are the very conditions associated with mRNA vaccines’ initial rollout.

The globalist elite seem unperturbed by accusations of crimes against humanity and instead proudly claim that the COVID-19 restrictions, mask mandates, and vaccine campaigns were just the initial phase.

Anthony Fauci, during a speech at Georgetown University, emphasized his support for winter lockdowns targeting unvaccinated individuals. Likewise, Big Pharma leaders are advocating for societal exclusion of those refusing mRNA vaccinations.

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Notably, there are reportedly hundreds of different mRNA vaccines in various stages of production, with executives projecting a wave of mRNA-based medicines.

Moderna’s chief scientific officer, Melissa J. Moore, anticipates a substantial influx of mRNA-based treatments, even suggesting the direct injection of mRNA into the heart—an approach linked to health issues post-vaccination.

The response to potential surges in cancer cases, presumably linked to mRNA vaccines, appears to be more mRNA interventions.

The claim that experimental vaccines were developed in merely an hour is being promoted, urging public confidence. This Orwellian reality raises questions about the rapid advancement of such technologies.

At Davos, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair expressed eagerness about a multitude of new injectables and vaccines, heralding them as transformative agents for global change.

The globalist elite, having underestimated public awareness, are now exploring alternative strategies to ensure widespread vaccination.

Bill Gates has embarked on a mission to surreptitiously introduce mRNA into the global food supply, targeting farm animals and potentially affecting human consumption.

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Initiatives involving genetically modified mosquitoes, supported by Gates, are in the works, further fueling concerns about unintended consequences.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. contends that Gates’ influence on global health policies, particularly in Africa, may have resulted in unnecessary child mortality. He points to a peer-reviewed publication highlighting concerning outcomes.

The World Economic Forum inadvertently revealed plans to implement vaccinations through water supplies, further intensifying concerns about individual autonomy and public health.

It is imperative to hold globalists and biotech companies accountable for their actions. Recognizing their potential impact on depopulation efforts, it is crucial to take a stand against these alarming developments.

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