Former Major City Police Detective Reveals 50% Of SIDS Cases Happened Within 48 Hours Post Vaccination (VIDEO)

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In a recent eye-opening interview with Steve Kirsch, Jennifer, a former police detective from a major US city, shed light on her extensive experience handling over 250 SIDS investigations spanning seven years. Her revelations have sparked a controversial discussion surrounding childhood vaccinations and their potential link to SIDS.

Jennifer’s assertion is clear: she firmly believes that childhood vaccines are a major contributor to SIDS cases. Her interview brought to light some startling statistics. She disclosed that 50% of SIDS cases occurred within 48 hours of a vaccine administration, and a staggering 70% took place within one week of vaccination. These figures have led her to conclude that vaccines play a pivotal role in SIDS occurrences.

While Jennifer chose not to disclose her full name or the specific police department she served, her employment history has been independently verified. Her pediatrician, she claimed, acknowledged this correlation, but stated that medical professionals are discouraged from discussing it openly. According to Jennifer, the American Academy of Pediatrics instructs pediatricians on how to address concerned parents who suspect vaccines as a cause.

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This information, groundbreaking in its nature, underscores the need for further investigation. The call for transparency has extended to the police department records, which, while potentially holding valuable data, currently remain beyond public reach due to legal constraints.

Jennifer’s findings align with a peer-reviewed paper titled “Vaccines and Sudden Infant Death,” which reported that 75% of post-vaccination SIDS cases occurred within seven days. This resonates closely with Jennifer’s statement, strengthening the argument for a potential link between vaccines and SIDS.

Jennifer is not alone in her pursuit of truth. Helen Grus, a forensic police detective in Canada, faced resistance when exploring potential connections between maternal vaccination and infant deaths. Her efforts have been met with legal challenges and a suspension without pay for refusing the COVID vaccine, exemplifying the complexities surrounding vaccine skepticism within law enforcement.

The evidence continues to mount. Statistics point to an alarming rise in SIDS cases in the wake of vaccine rollouts, prompting deeper investigation. Additionally, studies suggest a positive correlation between the number of vaccine doses and infant mortality rates.

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