COVID Mandates Return to Hollywood: Lionsgate Requires Employees to Mask Up, Submit to Daily Testing

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COVID mask mandates are returning to Hollywood, with Lionsgate being the first major studio to reinstate masking and daily testing for its Los Angeles office workers.


  • Lionsgate, a major studio, is reintroducing mask mandates and daily COVID testing for its Los Angeles office employees.
  • Employees at Lionsgate’s Santa Monica headquarters are required to wear masks at all times within the building, except when alone in a closed office or a large open workspace.
  • Daily COVID testing is mandatory for employees, and they must report their test results to the company.
  • Employees are expected to wear medical-grade face coverings indoors, with exceptions for specific situations like eating, drinking, or being alone in an office with the door closed.
  • The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has observed a recent increase in COVID transmissions, but overall concerns remain relatively low.
  • Various colleges and medical institutions across the country are also reintroducing mask mandates, with media advocating for the return of face coverings.
  • Dr. Kavita Patel, a former Obama official and MSNBC medical contributor, emphasized the need to bring back masks due to rising COVID cases.
  • The Biden administration is promoting the latest COVID booster shots and generating COVID-related concerns in the lead-up to 2024.
  • Speculation has arisen that Democrats might not only enforce mask mandates but also reintroduce mass lockdowns ahead of the upcoming presidential election.
  • Health officials have suggested the possibility of annual coronavirus booster vaccinations.
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