COVID-19 Vaccine Found in Dead People: Study

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A recent study has found traces of COVID-19 vaccine in the tissue samples of patients who died within a month of vaccination.

Researchers examined samples from the autopsies of 25 individuals, 20 of whom had been vaccinated. The study revealed that in three patients who died within 30 days of receiving a Pfizer shot, samples from their hearts tested positive for messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA), which is a component of the vaccine.

Additionally, bilateral axillary lymph node samples from eight individuals who died within 30 days of receiving either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine also tested positive for mRNA.

Dr. James Stone, affiliated with the departments of pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, emphasized that the study shows “the vaccine can persist for up to 30 days, including in the heart.”

The study was published in NPJ Vaccines, and the authors reported no conflicts of interest. They stated that the research was supported by Massachusetts General Hospital.

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It’s worth noting that no vaccine was detected in the liver, spleen, or mediastinal lymph nodes, and none was found in tissues from unvaccinated patients. The researchers believe that the detected mRNA in the heart did not cause any problems, attributing the heart injuries to underlying diseases rather than the vaccines.

However, some experts, like Dr. Clare Craig, a British pathologist, challenge this interpretation. Dr. Craig argues that the vaccine should not have been present and emphasizes that there was evidence of heart damage in these cases.

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