Airborne Vaccine Developed To Vaccinate Public Without Consent (VIDEO)

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As the ongoing research surrounding COVID-19 vaccines unfolds, it has become evident that vaccinations did not completely halt the virus’s spread.

Breakthrough infections among vaccinated individuals have occurred, highlighting the importance of broader protection strategies.

In recent times, concerns have been raised regarding the safety and potential side effects of these vaccines, particularly in connection to cardiac health. Reports of sudden deaths potentially linked to vaccinations have prompted further investigation.

One development that has garnered attention is Yale University’s exploration of innovative vaccine delivery methods. Notably, a team of scientists at Yale has devised a novel “airborne” mRNA vaccine delivery system.

This approach aims to administer vaccines directly to individuals’ lungs, bypassing the need for traditional injections. While initial experiments have involved intranasal administration in mice, researchers suggest that human trials may be on the horizon.

This development has sparked ethical discussions. Some worry that such a method could infringe upon personal freedoms and autonomy. In a society where individual choice regarding medical interventions is highly valued, the prospect of involuntary exposure to the vaccine through airborne means raises significant concerns. This could potentially negate the ability of individuals to decline vaccination, even in cases where existing medical conditions may make it risky.

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Furthermore, references to “covert bio-enhancements” in academic literature have drawn parallels to chemical warfare, prompting contemplation about the potential implications of such innovations for personal liberties.

The research at Yale has led to the creation of polymer nanoparticles for mRNA encapsulation, allowing for inhalable vaccine delivery to the lungs. These findings were recently featured in the Science Translational Medicine journal, shedding light on the potential for airborne vaccines as an alternative to injections.

The emergence of new vaccine delivery methods raises critical questions about the balance between public health imperatives and individual rights. As debates continue, it is imperative that ethical considerations play a central role in shaping the future of vaccination strategies.

Roman Balmakov raises the alarm about the new “Air Vax” during an episode of the Epoch Times show “Facts Matter.”:

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