Bill Introduced by GOP Congressman Bob Good Aims to Defund Colleges Mandating COVID Vaccine

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A House Republican has proposed a bill to defund colleges that require the COVID-19 vaccine. The No Vaccine Mandates in Higher Education Act, introduced by Representative Bob Good, aims to protect personal freedoms and ensure educational institutions prioritize students’ instruction and preparation for the workforce.

Good emphasizes that taxpayer dollars should not support entities that coerce individuals into taking the COVID-19 vaccine. The bill has garnered support from 15 other House Republicans.

Nearly 100 colleges are still mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for staff and students in the upcoming school year. Representative Good highlights the case of Morris Brown College, an Atlanta-based institution that briefly reinstated mask mandates and physical distancing measures.

This decision faced criticism from Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who believes that Americans have had enough COVID hysteria.

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