As One of the First to Receive Vaccination, Highly-Regarded Emergency Services Manager Experiences Unexpected Health Problems

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Exercising twice a day and living an ultra-lean lifestyle resulted in my heart rate spiking to 160 BPM with minimal exertion. Now, due to hormonal imbalances, I have put on 70+ pounds of unwanted weight.

As I start my narrative, a bit of context is necessary. Having earned a Master’s Degree in Emergency Service Management with an emphasis on pandemics and civil liberty infringements by government entities for safety purposes, this story has particular significance to me.

Prior to my current role, I worked as an Emergency Services Manager for a fully functioning steel plant which @realDonaldTrump visited and re-opened in 2018–truly an admirable accomplishment.

When the Government released their mandates, they were cognizant that these rules and regulations would merely serve as guidance. Nevertheless, if they could enlist big tech companies, prominent media outlets, and Corporate America to enforce “administrative” or office policies based on this guidance then it would further expand its reach.

It was a disheartening experience for me as I was an active participant in the process. Even though it felt wrong, I still created videos and other marketing materials to encourage others to be vaccinated. Additionally, I privately collaborated with several fusion centers and assisted in putting forth some of the first mandates.

As one of the earliest healthcare providers to receive a vaccination, I was unaware that it would spell disaster for me. If there were any horror stories related to the vaccine at that time, they had yet to surface and could not be taken into account. I thought by being part of the “team” meant getting access earlier on – but little did I know what this decision would lead to.

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Shortly after I had my vaccine, my heart was pounding in my chest and all of a sudden, I felt like death was imminent. My surroundings were unfamiliar and while working out twice daily prior to this incident, I found myself praying as if it would be the last thing that I ever did. With no other recourse available at the time but hospitalization, off to the ER I went.

As I managed a medical service department, including an ambulance division, let us not forget that when I arrived at the hospital there were already 6 other healthcare professionals who had encountered similar reactions as mine. However, after some time they felt better and so did I – my symptoms disappeared in just a few hours.

At present, only healthcare professionals had access to the vaccination… not general citizens. Consequently, I presumed that I’d be “OK” so I took a few days off and attempted to ignore it.

As time passed, I became more and more alarmed as my resting heart rate would suddenly skyrocket from 140-160 BPM while simply sitting at a desk. Despite being anxious about the implications of revealing this health issue to my employer, I decided to ignore it for fear of losing my job.

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During this time, it seemed that everyone wanted the vaccine. I often question if the staggered rollout – making healthcare providers seem like an “elite” class to get vaccinated first – was deliberately crafted as a way to generate a sense of “FOMO” among those left behind.

To continue advocating for vaccination, the “fusion centers” formed a partnership with Corporate America to provide exclusive access to local and governmental vaccine clinics. This collaboration included multiple state and federal law enforcement agencies.

I was proud to be a part of facilitating the CEO and other senior executives at a Fortune 100 company obtain an early vaccination. Since it wasn’t available in their location, they flew to our site for access. It was incredibly rewarding working alongside these leaders as we helped them receive this important shot.

With the passing of time, my health started to decline drastically. I was gaining weight at a rapid rate and felt terrible – all thanks to the oppressive mandates imposed by Illinois’ governor, who has yet to lift his disaster declaration.

After all I had endured, what ultimately motivated me to rise up and advocate? It was not my declining health; it was the wellbeing of my children. My son is autistic and his educational services were being wrongfully denied in light of “COVID”. This spark ignited a fire within me that could no longer be suppressed, urging me to do something about this injustice.

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The Beach in Florida was the birthplace of Speak for Students, my local non-profit organization with a vision to defend children and combat oppressive mandates. It is through this initiative that I had the privilege of meeting @ThomasDeVore76 and @ruhlin. In spite of all this, I still refused to accept my diagnosis.

Empowered by my children and their peers, I rose to the challenge of defending their right to make independent decisions about masking and vaccinating. So, despite not tending to my own physical well-being, I took action in our local county board towards passing a resolution that honored “mask and vaccine choice”.

When @JBPritzker, following the appeal of @CTULocal1 and other groups, brought back his mandates in reaction to our success; I wanted no part of it. It was clear that his emergency staff were working silently with schools, regional health centers, as well as Corporate America – a development which left me livid.

The company I worked at had recently changed their message to the #BestforAll campaign since they wanted to shut down a facility that Donald Trump helped re-open. They believed Steel Making wasn’t environment friendly, and decided people were less important than profits.

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