UK Parliament Addresses COVID Vaccines and Excess Deaths: What You Need to Know

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British MP Andrew Bridgen recently addressed Parliament regarding the concerning rise in excess deaths following the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines in early 2021. While Bridgen is not the first to suggest a potential link between the vaccine campaign and excess deaths, he is the first to formally present this information before a governmental body.

During the session, Bridgen emphasized the historic nature of the debate, stating that it might be the first of its kind not only in the UK but globally. He called for a more extensive three-hour discussion on the matter.

Bridgen had previously highlighted the correlation between vaccine uptake and excess deaths in October 2022 during a parliamentary debate on COVID-19 vaccine safety. However, it took significant effort, including nine months of petitioning and over twenty refusals, to secure approval for the debate, which was ultimately granted a mere 30 minutes. This call for debate garnered support from private citizens who urged their local MPs to attend, partly driven by popular YouTuber Dr. John Campbell, a prominent figure in pandemic reporting and analysis.

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Despite the limited participation of only 20 out of 650 MPs, the public gallery was notably full and openly supportive of Bridgen’s position. He presented his case for approximately 20 minutes, followed by a brief response from Under-Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Maria Caulfield.

Bridgen raised several concerns, including:

  • Excess deaths persist into 2023, with higher rates among younger age groups compared to older cohorts most impacted by COVID-19.
  •  Similar trends have been observed in multiple countries.
  • Data related to this issue is often concealed or distorted. For instance, the U.K. Office of National Statistics (ONS) compares 2022 with an average from 2016-2019 plus 2021, as opposed to the 2015-2019 baseline used for 2020 and 2021.

Bridgen also pointed out that individuals questioning or discussing this issue often face criticism. The ONS had acknowledged the need to analyze the mortality rates of young people in 2021 but had not yet released a report.

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Additionally, even among the elderly, excess deaths continued beyond March 2021, which is unusual post-pandemic. Concerns regarding vaccine efficacy were raised, with evidence suggesting that the highest rates of excess mortality since 2022 were in areas with high vaccination rates.

Furthermore, investigations have revealed potential issues with the vaccines, including DNA contamination. Bridgen emphasized that real-world evidence indicates vaccination did not significantly impact the COVID death rate.

MP Philip Davies and Bridgen highlighted the media’s notable silence on these deaths, particularly given their previous extensive reporting on COVID-19-related fatalities. Bridgen emphasized the stark contrast, stating, “We turned society upside down before vaccination because of fear of excess deaths from COVID. Today we have substantially more excess death and in younger people, and there is complete, eerie silence.”

Bridgen, a member of the Reclaim Party, places a strong emphasis on free speech within democracy and society. He was expelled from the Tory party in April over a controversial tweet, which some interpreted as a comparison of COVID vaccines to the Holocaust. This viewpoint has garnered both support and rejection, including from Holocaust survivors like Vera Sharav, who produced a documentary on the matter.

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