Trudeau’s Government Puts Canadian Detective on Trial for Investigating Possible Link Between Infant Deaths and mRNA Vaccines

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I came across a highly concerning case in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada, involving Detective Helen Grus, a veteran with 20 years of service in the Ottawa Police.

The allegations against her are truly shocking; she’s accused of accessing sensitive case files of newborn and infant death investigations she wasn’t assigned to, and inquiring about parents’ COVID-19 vaccination status. This story has deeply disturbed me.

Trudeau’s Government Puts Canadian Detective on Trial for Investigating Possible Link Between Infant Deaths and mRNA Vaccines

The media coverage on this has been disheartening, with the most comprehensive information coming from independent journalist Donald Best. A former Detective Sergeant with extensive experience in investigating organized crime, Best has provided detailed insights into Grus’s case. I’ve summarized some of his key points to ensure wider awareness, as this story deserves more attention.

The charges against Grus, under the Ontario Police Services Act, are centered around “discreditable conduct”. This could lead to her dismissal, demotion, or even forfeiture of pay or vacation time. What’s even more troubling is the suspension of the investigation into potential links between mRNA vaccines and Sudden Infant Deaths due to Grus’s suspension and charges.

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The actions of the Ottawa Police, particularly their use of the trucker protest as an excuse to wiretap, raise serious questions about the misuse of police powers. The wiretap extended beyond calls, encompassing emails, chats, photos, and even covert activation of smartphone microphones. This seems like a political move rather than a pursuit of justice.

The lack of transparency in Grus’s trial, including the cancellation of internet broadcasts, is deeply troubling. This limits public access and favors local journalists, restricting information flow about the case. It’s clear that there’s an attempt to suppress information about this story, which raises even more concerns about transparency and accountability within the police force.

Overall, this case is a stark reminder of the need for transparency, accountability, and unbiased investigations within law enforcement agencies. It’s crucial that we continue to shed light on cases like these to ensure justice and prevent any potential cover-ups.

Christopher Brunet, a great up-and-coming journalist who also serves as an editor for The American Conservative.

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