The Rates of Injuries Related to Vaccines Are Increasing, and Scientists Are Observing a Possible Connection Between the Use of Vaccines and the Emergence of New Variants

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John campbell, PH.D., a retired nurse educator, has built a reputation for providing fair assessments of COVID science and statistics since the start of the pandemic. Despite not previously expressing opposition to COVID vaccinations, he has now taken a stance against them.


In December 2022, Campbell posted a video (above) where he urged the British health authorities to stop using mRNA COVID injections. He cited data that suggests there are several safety issues that need to be addressed before continuing use.

In 2022, a large proportion of hospitalizations due to COVID-19 were incidental, which means that patients were not admitted to the hospital specifically for COVID-19 and tested positive later. Additionally, repeated outbreaks of less severe COVID-19 variants have led to increased levels of natural immunity.

Campbell argues that while the risk of complications and death due to COVID has significantly decreased since the early days of 2020, the risks associated with the COVID vaccinations remain the same as they were at the outset.

Therefore, the risk-benefit balance of the mass vaccination campaign has shifted, with the risks of the vaccine now outweighing the risks of getting infected. Campbell is advocating that the UK government halt the ongoing booster campaign until a comprehensive risk-benefit analysis is conducted for the entire population. He further suggests that the findings should be published with complete transparency to allow independent researchers to validate them.

The Life Expectancy Decreased Significantly After the Rollout of COVID Vaccinations

Although Campbell does not mention it in this video, he has discussed in other videos that individuals who have received the COVID vaccine are experiencing a higher mortality rate compared to those who have not received the vaccine. This has resulted in a decrease in the average life expectancy in the United States by approximately three years.

The average life span for all ethnicities in America was 78.8 years in 2019. However, by the end of 2020, it decreased to 77.0 years and further dropped to 76.4 years by the end of 2021. Although there was an increase in mortality rates, it was not solely caused by COVID-19. The age groups that experienced the highest increase were working age adults (25-54) and children aged between 1 and 4, and these increases were significant.

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The death rates for different age groups have increased: by 16.1% for 35- to 44-year-olds, 13.4% for 25- to 34-year-olds, 12.1% for 45- to 54-year-olds, and 10.1% for 1- to 4-year-olds. It is worth noting that COVID-19 deaths have been higher among the elderly right from the beginning.

The majority of COVID-19 deaths have occurred in individuals who were already past the average life expectancy age of 82. Additionally, while mortality rates for those aged 65-84 have increased slightly, the highest number of deaths among COVID-19 patients are occurring in working-age adults, according to life insurance data.

The Number of Deaths Increased Significantly After the Introduction of COVID Vaccines

The rapid decline in life expectancy cannot be attributed to COVID-19 as it was not a significant factor in the rise of excess mortality. The increase in excess mortality only occurred after the introduction of COVID vaccines in early 2021.

Excess mortality is a figure that’s distinct from life expectancy but connected to it. It represents the gap between the actual number of deaths from all causes during a specific period and the projected number of deaths based on historical patterns, such as the average of the previous five years. You can calculate this by using the formula: reported deaths minus expected deaths equals excess deaths.

Excess mortality has increased significantly worldwide after the COVID-19 vaccination began. There are reports of healthy adults dying suddenly with no apparent cause. If the vaccines were working, we would anticipate a decrease in excess mortality, however, this is not the case. COVID-19 deaths are also not increasing significantly. The only probable explanation for these differences is the widespread use of an experimental gene transfer technology for vaccination.

Most COVID-19 Deaths Are Among Those Who Have Received the Vaccine

According to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a majority of COVID-19 deaths are currently happening among individuals who have received the vaccine and the booster shot. However, it is important to note that these numbers only consider people as vaccinated or boosted if they received their last shot at least two weeks ago, which may cause an artificial suppression of the actual numbers. This information was reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF):

The proportion of vaccinated or boosted adults who died from COVID-19 has increased over time. In fall 2021, around 3 in 10 adults who died of COVID-19 were vaccinated or boosted. By January 2022, this increased to about 4 in 10 deaths, and by April 2022, it was around 6 in 10 deaths. This trend has continued through at least August 2022, according to the most recent data available.

The Rates of Injuries Related to Vaccines Are Increasing, and Scientists Are Observing a Possible Connection Between the Use of Vaccines and the Emergence of New Variants

The chart’s data is sourced from the CDC, who collects information on deaths divided by vaccination status from 30 health departments (including states and cities) across the United States. For someone to be considered vaccinated, they must have completed their primary series at least two weeks before, while for an additional dose or booster, they must have waited for two weeks before testing positive. The data does not include individuals who have only received partial vaccinations.

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The COVID Vaccine May Be Contributing to the Development of New Variants

Another reason to halt the COVID booster campaign that Campbell does not address is the very likely possibility that the shots are fueling mutations, giving rise to ever newer and more resistant variants. As reported in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece by Allysia Finley, “The virus appears to be evolving in ways that evade immunity,” which is bad for the jabbed and unjabbed alike. “Public-health experts are sounding the alarm about a new variant dubbed XBB that is rapidly spreading across the Northeast U.S.,” Finley writes.

According to some studies, XBB, a variant of COVID, may be as different from the original strain that came from Wuhan as the 2003 SARS virus. While it is uncertain whether XBB is more deadly than other variants, its mutations allow it to resist antibodies from previous infections, vaccines, and monoclonal antibody treatments.

Studies show that getting vaccinated multiple times could make people more vulnerable to XBB and might be contributing to the virus evolving rapidly. The virus seems to be developing mutations that help it spread more easily and evade the antibodies produced by vaccines and previous infections. Some researchers suggest that immune imprinting may also play a role in the virus’s evolution. Although vaccines effectively train the immune system to recognize and fight against the original Wuhan variant, they may not be as effective in response to new strains that are significantly different.

“The bivalent vaccines that target the Wuhan and BA.5 variants trigger the immune system to produce antibodies that can combat viral regions shared by the two strains. However, the XBB has altered itself to avoid antibodies induced by vaccines, which may lead to breakthrough infections.”

The Nature study suggests that both the current herd immunity and BA.5 vaccine boosters may not effectively prevent the infection of Omicron convergent variants.

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The original COVID vaccine only caused the body to create antibodies against one part of the virus (the spike), while natural immunity produces antibodies against all parts of the virus. This drawback was not given much attention.

The experts had warned that launching a large-scale vaccination campaign could place a significant burden on the virus’s spike protein, which could lead to mutations that could bypass immunity. Unfortunately, this is exactly what has occurred.

Can Vaccines Lead to Virus Mutations?

According to an article in Quanta Magazine from 2018 titled “Vaccines Are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve,” the concept of vaccines causing viral mutations has been around for some time. The article compares the phenomenon to antibiotics causing bacteria to develop resistance and suggests that vaccines can sometimes trigger changes that allow diseases to evade their effects.

The article explores the evolution of the anti-Marek’s disease vaccine for chickens, which was initially developed in 1970. The vaccine has gone through three versions so far, and it typically loses effectiveness within ten years since the virus keeps mutating to bypass it. Additionally, the virus is getting more dangerous and harder to cure.

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