Surge in Demand for ‘Unvaxed’ Sperm: Women Seek Donors Who Haven’t Received COVID Shot in Facebook Groups

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In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, anti-vaccine sentiment has permeated various facets of American society, extending from academia to politics. This trend has now found its way into the realm of online sperm donation, where prospective mothers are seeking samples from men who have chosen not to receive the Covid vaccine.

Jonathan David Rinaldi, also known as ‘The Sperminator’, was a prolific donor on the Facebook group Sperm Donation USA, which is the largest sperm donation community in America. However, due to a significant surge in requests for sperm from unvaccinated donors, he decided to create a separate group exclusively for individuals who share the anti-vax stance.

This specialized group has amassed nearly 250 members and has played a pivotal role in helping numerous people fulfill their dreams of starting families. Its members represent a diverse spectrum, ranging from young professionals and same-sex couples to single women from both the US and the UK. Most offer their sperm without charge.

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However, Mr. Rinaldi, aged 44, is among the millions in the US who have bought into the unfounded theory that the Covid vaccines may somehow harm the reproductive system. He expressed his skepticism, stating, “I don’t trust big government, big pharma, I don’t trust them, and I don’t need to inject myself with things that I don’t even know what it is.”

Members of Mr. Rinaldi’s group echo these sentiments, often sharing posts that link the Covid shot to unfounded claims about sperm health and other vaccine-related misinformation.

Cryos, one of America’s largest sperm banks, has reported receiving very few inquiries about unvaccinated donors. However, anecdotally, there has been observed interest in unvaccinated sperm donors within various Facebook groups in the US. Women explicitly state their preference for ‘unvaccinated sperm donors’ in their posts as they seek suitable partners for conception.

Men, too, identify themselves as ‘unvaccinated man (sperm not modified by mRNA)’ in these forums. There are instances of women proudly announcing their positive pregnancy tests after using sperm from unvaccinated donors, emphasizing their choice for ‘farm-raised’ over ‘Pharma-raised’ offspring.

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Mr. Rinaldi’s journey into sperm donation began when a lesbian friend approached him, seeking his help in conceiving a child. Since then, he has fathered three children with his ex-partner and has been instrumental in the conception of 16 other children through sperm donation.

In an ideal scenario, Mr. Rinaldi prefers that the women he assists are also unvaccinated. However, he acknowledges that not everyone shares this belief, citing a desire for more education on the matter. He emphasizes, “I would love it if no one got vaccinated.”

He recounted a situation where a woman he was considering donating to had received both doses of the Covid vaccine and was contemplating a booster shot. He made it clear that he would not proceed if she chose to get the booster, asserting, “it’s bad enough, you have two of them.”


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