Six U.S. Senators Call for Inquiry into Department of Veteran Affairs After Denial of Disability Claims for Navy Vet Affected by COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis

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Six U.S. Senators, all Republicans, have written a formal letter to the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) urging an investigation into the department’s policy of denying disability claims for injuries linked to COVID-19 vaccinations.

This action comes in response to a distressing report from Rogan O’Handley, a Turning Point USA Ambassador and political commentator, about a 24-year-old Navy veteran who developed myocarditis after a mandatory Moderna COVID-19 vaccination. Despite applying for disability benefits, the VA rejected the claim, stating the condition was “not service-related.”

The incident sparked outrage, with O’Handley condemning both the unnecessary vaccine mandates and the VA’s refusal to acknowledge the injury’s service-related nature. The senators, including Steve Daines, Tom Cotton, Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Mike Braun, have taken a collective stand to ensure that veterans are fairly compensated for vaccine-induced injuries.

The senators’ letter seeks clarification on the VA’s policy for veterans who suffer injuries from COVID-19 vaccines administered during their service. They emphasize that since the Department of Defense mandated COVID-19 vaccinations for service members, the VA must play a crucial role in providing benefits and healthcare for those facing health impacts resulting from the vaccine.

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The senators are concerned about the lack of clear information regarding how the VA supports members injured due to COVID-19 vaccines. They request details on the VA’s process for considering vaccine-related injuries in disability claims, whether such injuries are considered service-related if the vaccine was received during service, and if the VA has investigated the health effects of such injuries.

Critics argue that denying disability claims for vaccine-induced injuries undermines the ethical responsibility of the VA to compensate those who suffered injuries due to mandatory vaccinations during their service.

This is viewed as a betrayal of the sacrifices made by servicemen and servicewomen for their country, especially when they were obligated to take the vaccines as part of their service duties.

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