Sen. Rand Paul Calls for Federal Prosecution of Fauci Over Alleged COVID Coverup

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Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky is actively pushing for federal criminal action against Dr. Anthony Fauci, accusing him of perjury before Congress.

In an interview with Jan Jekielek on EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders,” Dr. Paul revealed that he has urged Attorney General Merrick Garland to prosecute Dr. Fauci for providing false testimony in multiple congressional hearings. Despite these efforts, Dr. Paul expressed frustration, stating that Garland has not shown much interest in pursuing the referral.

Dr. Paul’s allegations against Dr. Fauci extend beyond perjury, asserting that the renowned immunologist was part of an extensive cover-up involving various elements of the federal government. According to Dr. Paul, this cover-up spans the origin, threat, and potential treatments for COVID-19. In his book titled “Deception: The Great Covid Cover-Up,” published in October, Dr. Paul claims to expose a two-year misdirection orchestrated by Dr. Fauci and others.

“Virtually everything they said in private, they said the opposite in the public at the same time,” Dr. Paul asserted. He contends that as early as February 2020, Dr. Fauci and fellow scientists were aware that the genetic sequence of the virus causing COVID-19 seemed manipulated in a lab, with the Wuhan Institute of Virology engaging in gain-of-function research. Dr. Paul further alleges that some U.S. public health response scientists were funding the Wuhan lab, creating a conflict of interest.

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The alleged motive behind this conspiracy, according to Dr. Paul, was to distance themselves from funding the Wuhan lab or gain-of-function research to avoid guilt associated with the pandemic. He emphasizes that Dr. Fauci’s insistence on the virus originating from the animal kingdom, not the lab, is influenced by his connection to the lab through funding.

Despite the official end of the pandemic in the United States, Dr. Paul asserts that the executive branch remains highly secretive about non-classified information related to COVID-19. He compares the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health to the CIA, noting extended waiting times for documents and heavy redaction when information is provided. This secrecy, according to Dr. Paul, implies an intention to conceal information.

Dr. Paul contends that Dr. Fauci, by choosing to fund and conduct research in a risky and authoritarian country like China, ignored safety protocols. The senator emphasizes that his book aims not only to set the record straight on Dr. Fauci and the pandemic but also to prevent similar situations in the future. He argues that discussions surrounding the handling of dangerous pathogens, particularly through gain-of-function research, are as crucial as those concerning nuclear weapons.

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