Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Proposes Legislation to Terminate CDC Overreach

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Florida Republican Representative Anna Paulina Luna unveiled a new legislative proposal on Wednesday, aimed at curbing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) ability to implement stringent COVID-era measures in future pandemics.

Dubbed the Terminate CDC Overreach Act, the bill seeks to amend existing laws, restricting the CDC’s authority to apply communicable and pre-communicable frameworks only to individuals confirmed or highly likely to be infected through clinical tests, contact tracing, and clinical presentation.

One key provision of the proposed legislation mandates the CDC to substantiate its decisions with scientific evidence. This entails regularly updating science briefs and publishing them alongside any recommendations, guidance, or policies adopted by the agency.

Additionally, the bill introduces a mechanism for expedited consideration of a joint resolution of disapproval for any emergency measures implemented by the CDC. This provision empowers Congress to have a decisive say in CDC decisions that carry substantial economic ramifications. Read the full legislation here.

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Rep. Luna emphasized the need to rein in the CDC’s authority, citing the extensive economic and social upheaval caused by the agency’s overreach during the COVID-19 crisis. She pointed out the widespread personal harm experienced by American families, affecting their children, employment, and finances. Luna asserted that it is crucial to prevent the CDC from exploiting crises in the future.

In an exclusive statement to the Daily Caller, Luna remarked:

The economic and social upheaval the CDC caused by abusing their authority is nothing short of unprecedented. One too many American families know the personal harm this has caused to their children, jobs, and pocketbooks. It’s high time we check the CDC’s power so that it is NEVER allowed to exploit a crisis like this again.

The Terminate CDC Overreach Act garnered support from fellow Republicans, with Representatives Mary Miller of Illinois and Eli Crane of Arizona co-sponsoring the legislation. As lawmakers push for more accountability and oversight, the bill reflects a broader effort to address concerns about the CDC’s decision-making process and the impact of its policies on the nation’s well-being. 

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