Rasmussen Survey Finds 42% of Americans Would Consider Joining Class Action Against COVID Vaccine Manufacturers

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Rasmussen Reports has recently conducted a survey that sheds light on the perception of the COVID vaccine’s safety and its impact on the American population. The results are causing significant concern and raising questions about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. This article will provide an overview of the survey’s key findings and their implications.

Rasmussen Reports, a reputable polling organization, conducted a survey (excel sheet results) on November 2, 2023, to gauge public sentiment regarding the COVID vaccine. The results were revealing and concerning:

COVID Virus vs. Vaccine Deaths

  • 47% of respondents reported knowing someone who had succumbed to the COVID virus.
  • Shockingly, 24% of respondents personally knew someone who had died due to the COVID vaccine.

Class-Action Lawsuit

An alarming 42% of the participants expressed their willingness to join a major class-action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies for vaccine side effects, suggesting that there is a substantial mistrust and dissatisfaction with the vaccine.

Vaccine Injury Rate

The most startling revelation is that 56% of individuals who have been vaccinated experienced some form of vaccine-related injury or side effect. This high number is attributed to the 42% who are open to legal action, a stark contrast to the initial narrative of the vaccine being “safe and effective.”

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The implications of these survey findings are profound:

  • Unprecedented Doubt – The survey results reveal an unprecedented level of skepticism and doubt among the public regarding the COVID vaccine’s safety. This is in stark contrast to the initial messaging that promoted it as a safe and effective solution.
  • Estimated Vaccine Deaths – If we assume that around 1 million people have died from the COVID virus, this survey suggests that approximately 500,000 individuals may have died due to the COVID vaccine. This figure is significant and raises serious concerns.
  • Lack of Public Attention – It is surprising that such a high number of vaccine-related deaths has not received the same level of attention as other major events in the past, such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This raises questions about the handling of vaccine-related issues by authorities and the media.
  • Calls for Accountability – Given the magnitude of the situation, there are increasing calls for accountability, with demands that those responsible for the vaccine’s development and distribution should face consequences for the vaccine’s side effects and adverse events.
  • Stock Implications – The stock market may react to these findings, particularly in the case of companies like Moderna. Investors may be cautious due to the potential legal ramifications and the negative sentiment surrounding the vaccine.
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Rasmussen Reports is known for its impartial and honest polling, making the survey results highly credible. The consistency of the findings across demographic groups further reinforces the validity of the data, despite potential underreporting of vaccine injuries.

The survey results present a challenge to health authorities, the pharmaceutical industry, and the government. The public’s distrust and skepticism are clear, and they demand transparency and accountability. The future may hold increased scrutiny, legal actions, and calls for data transparency.

The key question arising from these findings is when and how transparency and data disclosure will occur. Many are pushing for states to release detailed public health data to expose the truth. However, challenges in achieving this transparency persist due to concerns about privacy and vested interests.

The Rasmussen survey results suggest a significant divide between public perception and the official narrative surrounding the COVID vaccine. The growing distrust and skepticism may have far-reaching consequences, with potential legal actions and increased demands for transparency and accountability. The truth of the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness remains a matter of concern and debate, with the public demanding answers.

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