Pfizer Can’t Explain How It’s COVID Vaccine Causes Heart Damage, but It’s ‘Safe’

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You can’t claim a product is “safe” if you know it causes heart damage, but you can’t explain how your product causes it. You also have reason to know your product could cause harm if you negotiate indemnity for yourself into a secret contract that shields you from liability should your experimental product injure or kill people—or protects you from fraud you commit during your own clinical trials.

Would you buy a car if it was reportedly involved in car accidents – even if “rare”- and the company didn’t know why? Would you sign on to a house loan if you didn’t know the contract terms? Would you purchase a car if you knew that if its brakes stopped working on the highway, you not only couldn’t hold the manufacturer responsible, you’d be on the hook financially for your own injuries caused by their conduct or product?

What if the car manufacturer had a history of fraud and their cars had previously injured many people—would you be okay with being forced to drive it?

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No reasonable person would. Yet this is the type of common sense we are supposed to throw out the window for COVID-19 vaccines.

I think I speak for many when I say I enjoy nothing more than watching Pfizer executives squirm when they’re forced to answer questions about their COVID vaccines—questions that should have been asked and answered years ago.

Australian authorities from the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee on August 3 grilled two Pfizer executives about myocarditis caused by their COVID vaccine.

For a brief moment, it appeared there was actually some sort of effort to hold the company accountable for creating a vaccine that has not only caused heart damage in young people – who weren’t even at risk of severe COVID-19 in the first place – but has killed or permanently disabled tens of thousands of Americans and what we can reasonably assume are millions of people globally.

Here’s a great clip if you want to watch this exchange in all its glory.

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