New COVID Vaccine Push Is ‘Anti-human,’ Says Florida Surgeon General: ‘Major Safety Concern’

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The recently released COVID-19 vaccine is now accessible at participating pharmacies and healthcare providers, with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advocating for its administration to everyone aged 6 months and above. However, not all health professionals share this endorsement.

Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s Surgeon General, expressed his reservations regarding the updated COVID shot in an interview with Fox News Digital. He stated, “It’s just a really terrible idea,” Ladapo said. “And it’s remarkable and really spellbinding that [the CDC] would make that kind of recommendation in the absence of evidence.”

By “evidence,” Ladapo is referring to the absence of clinical trials for this new vaccine. He pointed out that both the FDA and CDC could have compelled Pfizer or Moderna to conduct such trials, which he believes is entirely feasible. However, this was not done.

Ladapo voiced concerns about potential hazardous side effects of the vaccine, beyond the rare risk of myocarditis. He emphasized the tangible risks and criticized the decision-making process of the CDC and FDA.

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One of his concerns was the concept of “negative effectiveness,” where contact between vaccinated individuals might lead to reduced vaccine efficacy. Numerous studies have indicated that after several booster shots, vaccine effectiveness appears to decline, a phenomenon Ladapo finds concerning.

Regarding the spike protein, found on the surface of the virus, Ladapo noted multiple studies linking it to the vaccine, even six months after injection. This protein is crucial for the virus’s entry into healthy cells.

“There are numerous grounds to consider a pause at this juncture. Nevertheless, the CDC and FDA are advocating for full-speed ahead,” Ladapo commented.

He underscored the importance of better options for individuals, particularly those with high rates of serious adverse events associated with certain products.

Ladapo referred to a 2022 study from UCLA and the University of Maryland, published in the journal Vaccine, which reported a 16% higher risk of serious adverse events in mRNA vaccine recipients.

The physician emphasized the lack of clinical data for these vaccines, highlighting the ease with which health agencies could have conducted trials to ascertain their safety.

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As a medical professional, Ladapo expressed discomfort in recommending the new COVID vaccine without robust clinical data. He stressed concerns about negative efficacy, the persistence of the spike protein, and observed incidents of thromboembolic events.

He advised people to focus on maintaining good health and using medications judiciously, but emphasized the importance of these medications being safe.

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