Marine Speaks Out After Being Denied Religious Exemption From COVID Mandate and Imprisoned

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She completed basic training (boot camp) that year, then went on to undergo combat training and instruction in her administrative Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) in 2019.

Arnett then began her duties in the Defense Travel System program at Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 152 in Iwakuni, Japan, where she processed travel reimbursements for squadron members and achieved the rank of lance corporal.

In August 2021, the Biden administration’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin handed down a military-wide COVID jab mandate that reached Arnett’s base in Japan in September.

According to Arnett, Marines on base at the time were told, “If you don’t have the jab by November, we’re going to process you out.”

But the young Marine told LifeSite she had done research into the experimental jabs and concluded that the directive to get the injection was unlawful and wrong.

I had religious grounds, legal grounds, administrative grounds, personal grounds. I just wasn’t going to get it,” she said.

A Roman Catholic, Arnett submitted a religious accommodation request citing her beliefs and her objections to the fetal tissue derived from aborted babies used by researchers in the development of the shots.

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Despite requesting the exemption, she soon received orders to leave the Marine Corps because of her decision to remain unvaccinated.

Unlike many who agreed to leave the Corps, however, Arnett refused — as she put it, she “took a different approach to the separation orders.”

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