Major Warning as COVID-19 Cases Spike and ICU Patients Rise as Hospitals Close to Visitors Amid Outbreaks

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COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Ireland as hospitals cope with outbreaks.

Increasing virus rates are causing a surge of hospital and ICU patients across the country.

Some hospitals, including St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny, are urging people to avoid the Emergency Department unless urgent.

Additionally, St Luke’s has temporarily suspended visiting, except for the maternity unit and in exceptional circumstances.

University Hospital Limerick’s inpatient wards are facing outbreaks and five wards in UHG are infected.

Visiting limitations are also in place at UHG as pressures in their ED mounts.

The hospital has urged the public not to visit the hospital if they are feeling unwell.

University Hospital Galway has also been dealing with a Covid-19 outbreak.

Cases began to spike in July and the HSE has said the UK are experiencing a similar rise.

As of this morning, 10 people were being treated in ICU for coronavirus, compared to three at the beginning of July.

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