Judicial Watch Exposes Key Documents, Photos Revealing Hazardous Chinese COVID Labs in California

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Conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, has unearthed critical documents and images revealing the existence of Chinese-operated Covid labs in California.

In a surprising turn of events, an illegal bio lab was discovered in Reedley, California earlier this year. The lab was situated in a building presumed to be vacant.

Upon inspection, city code enforcement uncovered several violations, including the failure to implement a hazardous materials business plan for the storage of hazardous materials beyond state-prescribed thresholds.

Shockingly, Judicial Watch also obtained court records containing distressing photos of deceased mice within the Reedley facility.

Dr. Hahn, who examined the mice, confirmed signs of severe distress among the rodents. This distress was attributed to “barbering,” a social behavior among mice indicative of over-grooming. Additionally, the excessive number of visible carcasses in the cages, coupled with the absence of “pinkies” (young mice), pointed to alarming conditions.

Judicial Watch’s investigation revealed that illicit labs owned by Chinese nationals were operating with blatant disregard for safety regulations, housing various infectious agents and subjecting animals to inhumane conditions. The lab in question was involved in Covid research.

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Documents obtained from the Fresno County Department of Public Health indicate that Dr. Rais Vohra, the then-interim health officer, issued an order on May 31, 2023, commanding Prestige BioTech (the company implicated in the lab’s operation) to cease its operations in Reedley, CA.

This order was issued due to repeated violations, including non-compliance with hazardous materials regulations, presence of infectious agents, and numerous building code violations.

This revelation sheds light on a deeply concerning situation, underlining the importance of stringent oversight and adherence to safety standards in the operation of bio labs.

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