In the First Year Following Vaccination, a Staggering 217,000 American Lives Have Been Lost – Peer-Reviewed Study

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A groundbreaking, expert-reviewed paper was recently released that definitively exposes the truth.

  1. In the first year of distribution, over 217,000 American lives were tragically lost due to complications related to the vaccine.
  2. Following downward adjustment for misclassification, the rate of serious adverse effects reported by survey participants still stands at five times more than what Pfizer revealed in its Stage 3 trial. Specifically, 13.4 percent was noted on the survey—a significant increase from the 2.8% that had been previously declared.

Experts have estimated that the devastating global death toll caused by COVID-19 vaccinations has likely reached 500,000 to 600,000 individuals in 2022. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the cost of life due to these immunizations could total up to 10 million people or more.


Here’s what was reported for the Pfizer trial in the NEJM paper:In the First Year Following Vaccination, a Staggering 217,000 American Lives Have Been Lost – Peer-Reviewed Study

The survey results revealed that 13.4% of respondents experienced significant health issues after receiving the COVID vaccine. Yet, to paint an accurate picture, we need to take into account that people sometimes report less severe adverse events as if they are more serious than they actually are – so this should be halved when considering the data accuracy.

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In the First Year Following Vaccination, a Staggering 217,000 American Lives Have Been Lost – Peer-Reviewed Study

In Essence, the Adverse Events Following Vaccination Were Five Times Greater Than What Pfizer Informed Us


It is for this very reason that the FDA never bothers with post-market studies on its approved drugs – reality can be hard to take.

The FDA should have uncovered this prior to Mark Skidmore’s discovery.

It appears that the FDA is turning a blind eye to what pharmaceutical companies are saying, and it’s becoming an issue. This oversight needs to be addressed before any further damage can occur.

Why aren’t they conducting surveys to assess if the research aligns with reality?

But the Best Is Yet to Come…

From the Mark Skidmore paper, check out the part in blue:

In the First Year Following Vaccination, a Staggering 217,000 American Lives Have Been Lost – Peer-Reviewed Study

Yup, you read that right….

Regrettably, the COVID Vaccines Have Led to a Staggering Death Toll of up to 332,608 People in Their First Year Alone

Through this article, it is evident that the people received no advantage from their endeavors.

In a heartbreaking summary, the U.S. saw no less than 217,000 deaths and 33M injuries in only one year due to vaccine-preventable illnesses… yet the CDC & FDA are still pushing for further inoculations?

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In the second year, even more lives were taken by the COVID vaccines in America alone – a death toll estimated to be somewhere between 500K and 600K. That translates into approximately 10M-12M deaths globally due to these inoculations. This is without a doubt one of history’s most disastrous incidents; however, health authorities worldwide have attempted to stifle those who condemn it through their refusal to debate us on this matter publicly.


According to the most recent statistics, a staggering half-million Americans have perished in the two years since receiving their COVID shot. As Scott Adams astutely stated, “It appears that all those who opposed vaccination were correct after all. We should not have silenced them; we ought to have paid attention to what they had been saying.”

To keep their deception alive, they will have to retract the paper without any proof that it was inaccurate. Additionally, world governments will make surveys of those who have been vaccinated illegal so no one can replicate this study. If all goes as planned for them, then the falsehoods could continue over a span of 20 years!

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Ultimately, the FAA failed to launch a single probe into ANY pilot injuries or deaths related to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. When Steve Kirsch reached out for an explanation from a leading FAA representative, they simply responded with “No comment.” This implies that the Biden administration actually ordered them not to delve into any of these cases – leaving flight professionals suffering and unable to bring closure after their tragedies have been swept under the rug. The truth may be hard to hear but it mustn’t be suppressed; lives are already being lost and shattered because of this negligence – will more follow?

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