Dr Peter McCullough: “If He Didn’t Take a Vaccine He Would Be Alive Today”

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Dr McCullough examined the details of 14-year-old Joseph McGinty’s autopsy and said the findings are consistent with multi-system inflammation disorder, which is a fatal condition.


  • Dr. Peter McCullough, a US-based Consultant Cardiologist, believes that Joseph McGinty’s death could have been prevented if he hadn’t taken the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Dr. McCullough is an outspoken critic of COVID-19 vaccines and maintains that they are unsafe.
  • He examined Joseph McGinty’s autopsy details and concluded that the findings were consistent with multi-system inflammation disorder (MIS), a fatal condition.
  • Contrary to a second opinion presented at the inquest, Dr. McCullough does not consider Addison’s Disease as a credible cause of death, as it doesn’t cause inflammation.
  • Dr. McCullough specializes in managing post-COVID-19 syndromes and injuries.
  • Joseph McGinty received the Pfizer vaccine two years ago, and his mother’s evidence suggests that he became unwell after vaccination.
  • The GP who treated Joseph indicates that he wouldn’t have been vaccinated if he was acutely ill, but it’s unclear whether the vaccine triggered his illness.
  • Dr. McCullough believes that Joseph’s rapid deterioration is connected to the vaccine and that the autopsy findings point to MIS.
  • He refers to a paper by Nushida describing a 14-year-old Japanese girl who died of the same condition.
  • The article mentions a lack of research on the link between vaccines and multi-organ inflammatory disorder, despite available information.
  • Dr. McCullough highlights the high number of deaths post-vaccination and states that there’s never been a product with more deaths occurring after its use.
  • He discusses ongoing cases and inquiries in the US related to vaccine-related deaths and adverse effects.
  • Dr. McCullough mentions that the spike protein created by vaccines can cause damage to blood vessels and blood clot formation.
  • The autopsy report for Joseph shows evidence of lymphocytic infiltrates in multiple organ systems, indicating inflammation.
  • The inquest verdict regarding Joseph’s death is expected to be announced on Monday.
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