Families of Astrazeneca Vaccine Recipients Fight for Inclusion of Jab on Death Certificates

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Families grappling with the aftermath of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine-related deaths are contending with bureaucratic challenges to have the jab acknowledged on official death certificates, according to an investigation by The Telegraph.

The families of three individuals initially faced resistance in having the vaccine recognized as a cause of death, raising concerns that the actual toll may surpass official figures.

Official data from the Office of National Statistics reveals that, from early 2021, 64 deaths have been attributed to Covid-19 vaccinations. However, this figure excludes unregistered deaths due to delays in determining causes, ongoing inquests, or extended investigations at the request of families.

The investigation brought to light specific cases where death certificates were eventually amended after families persisted in their inquiries. Neil Miller’s death on May 1, 2021, initially attributed to heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis, was later revised to include “vaccine-induced” blood clots and low platelets, known as VITT.

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Similarly, Dr. Stephen Wright’s January 2021 death was initially ascribed to a stroke, later amended to “unintended complications of vaccination” after family intervention. In a third case, Stephen Ward’s death certificate linked to a blood clot was amended in January 2022, more than a year after the interim certificate, following an inquest that confirmed the clot’s connection to the vaccine.

The NHS Business Services Authority, responsible for the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme, reported that 148 claimants were notified of entitlement to compensation for adverse reactions to Covid vaccinations. Notably, fewer than five claims were related to Pfizer and Moderna, with the majority linked to the AstraZeneca jab.

Kam Miller, widow of Neil Miller, shared her heartbreaking experience when her husband succumbed to complications related to the AstraZeneca vaccine. Despite initial attempts to categorize his death as “natural causes,” persistent efforts by the family and a local GP’s hematology nurse led to an inquest reopening.

Eventually, the death certificate was amended, acknowledging the role of the vaccine in causing “vaccine-induced immune thrombocytopenia and thrombosis.” This change not only allowed Mrs. Miller to claim support from the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme but also fueled her decision to pursue a legal claim against AstraZeneca.

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The investigation highlights a broader concern about potential underreporting of adverse reactions to Covid vaccinations, prompting families to fight for the recognition of vaccine-related causes of death. For Mrs. Miller, the amended records provide some semblance of justice but also serve as a catalyst for seeking accountability through legal avenues.

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