Despite Prescribed Vaccine Causing Cardiac Issues, Man Miraculously Escapes Death: “I Should Have Been Dead”

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Finally, after years of hard work and dedication, Robyn “Rob” Forbes achieved his dream. In late 2019, he was able to shift from a corporate job to becoming the proud owner of a small business that allowed him precious time with his two daughters as well as participation in activities such as hockey and mountain biking.

Forbes’ life of fulfillment came to an abrupt stop on March 4, 2021 after he contracted the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Within a short period of time, Forbes encountered an alarming series of medical issues that led to the need for cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). This procedure requires implanting a device in his chest so as to effectively address heart rhythm abnormalities.

Forbes graciously shared his story with The Defender, delving into the pain and suffering that he has endured since receiving a vaccine. Moreover, he provided undeniable evidence to back up these claims – extensive documentation verifying every detail.

Social Expectations Persuaded Him to Get Vaccinated

Forbes, a 41-year old Alaskan local, lives an active lifestyle filled with outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking, skiing, fishing and hockey.

Forbes, who was in peak physical condition at 5’11 and 175lbs., declared that prior to his injury he had been living his best life possible: being a father, running an independent business, playing hockey and mountain biking.

Forbes’ wife being a teacher, she and her family were privileged to the vaccine in March 2021. Despite this opportunity, he was at first reluctant to accept it.

From the get-go, I was a vocal opponent of getting vaccinated – there is NO exaggeration here.

Ultimately, he felt it was his duty to get vaccinated as he told The Defender:

The tremendous societal pressure combined with the mandate to require it for travel, driving in Canada (I stay in Alaska), or working, eventually resulted in me giving up and saying “fine I will probably be compelled to do this at some point anyhow” so I went ahead and did it.

“Although I was aware that the vaccine wasn’t a necessity, there were several popular slogans at the time claiming if you received it, it would save not only yourself but also those around you,” he shared. “Unfortunately, this claim did not pan out.”

According to Forbes, the pharmacy responsible for his vaccine administration did not bother taking down the necessary batch number or providing him a card on the day of receiving his first dose.

By All Accounts, I Should Not Have Survived This. Yet Here I Am.

According to Forbes, he began feeling “off” a few days after receiving the vaccine as he was walking in his home. He remarked:

I was suddenly struck with a dizzying spell so pronounced that my knees gave way beneath me and the only thing to do was take refuge in an entryway bench. Never before had I experienced such intense vertigo, though lightheadedness after standing too quickly is all-too familiar.

Ignoring the warning signs, I continued as usual. Yet things drastically changed on March 15th of 2021 when my circumstances worsened.

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As he re-entered the building and was slowly walking back on to the ground floor, after sweeping lightly, he suddenly felt very dizzy. He then knelt down as his discomfort heightened; it became too difficult for him to remain standing.

“I was wearing an Apple watch when I noticed my pulse racing and a thumping sensation in my chest. It turns out that my heart rate had skyrocketed to 226 bpm! Fortunately, since I wasn’t doing anything super important at work, I decided to pay attention to what was happening.”

Despite Forbes’s hopes that things would go back to normal, he continued to measure his EKG on a routine basis – only for it not to improve. He disclosed:

After enduring the pain for approximately 10 minutes, I had to phone my primary care physician. It only took them five minutes of consulting with me before they suggested that I should visit an emergency room as it wasn’t a normal occurrence. Nowadays, when I think back on this experience, it is amusing knowing what happened afterwards.

After remaining still for an additional five minutes, Forbes finally conceded and made his way to the emergency room with a heart rate of 226 beats per minute in ventricular tachycardia. His reluctance was palpable as he took this step.

Realizing the gravity of his situation, Forbes stumbled into the emergency room not comprehending what was happening. Later he told The Defender:

“I arrived at the ER and waited in line, taking a knee to confirm the rate and rhythm was still the same because I was thinking I was going to ‘waste their time’ with this stupid problem that was no big deal.

“After about 5 minutes they brought me back to the triage room and slowly hooked up an EKG. IMMEDIATELY [emphasis original] upon placing the last lead, [the nurse] ripped them all off and pushed me into the ER where it all began. I was put under after the meds did not reset the rhythm and they shocked me back.”

After enduring a heart-stopping 50 minutes in VTAC and taking the initiative to drive himself to the hospital, Forbes is grateful that he has been given a second chance at life.

“I should be dead. I should not be here. ALL [emphasis original] of the doctors I have seen read the story of the onset and question the ‘50 minutes in sustained VTAC, driving to the ER’ and kind of laugh a little.

“I should be dead. I have often wished, since then, that I would have been.”

Based on a Mayo Clinic Diagnosis, the Symptoms Encountered Are Likely Due to an Immunization

Forbes endured an intensive battery of tests, medical appointments and persistent severe symptoms. “I have seen it all with the doctors,” he expressed.

He was originally diagnosed with AVRC (arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy), “which was a VERY [emphasis original] heavy carry for an active person like me.”

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In light of this, Forbes sought to find experts that specialize in such diagnosis and eventually found them at Johns Hopkins University. He made a visit there during the month of May 2021.

At Johns Hopkins, “the genetic testing came back negative and they indicated the scarring pattern on my heart was more indicative of sarcoidosis instead of AVRC, which was a HUGE [emphasis original] relief but still made no sense.”

Sarcoidosis is a medical condition where inflammatory cells (termed granulomas) manifest in various parts of the body. The source of sarcoidosis remains uncertain, however researchers suggest that it originates from an individual’s immune system reacting to some unidentified material, based on Mayo Clinic research.

Guided by his diagnosis, Forbes sought out experts at the esteemed Heart Institute of the University of Washington to further confirm it. As he revealed, “They confirmed a likely sarcoidosis diagnosis.”

Forbes indicated that this diagnosis was made without any evidence, such as accompanying symptoms or an affirmative result on a nuclear PET scan. He added that it should have never been confirmed since there wasn’t sarcoid anywhere else nor signs of the disease prior to being diagnosed.

In regard to Forbes’ misdiagnosis, the connection between his symptoms and COVID-19 vaccine he had received was blatantly avoided; similarly to what happened with the first doctor in Alaska. His response: “This diagnosis was just the best answer they had.”

Meanwhile, Forbes’ health troubles continued:

“During a hockey match in January 2022, I experienced cardiac arrest. My heart rate abruptly skyrocketed to over 300 beats per minute and my vision blurred into darkness as I passed out from ventricular fibrillation.”

“The CRT jolted me back to life, inspiring a sense of urgency to resolve the situation. It was an unmistakable sign of impending danger.”

On his return trip to the acclaimed Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, physicians finally gave him a definitive diagnosis.

Forbes said he traveled to Mayo Clinic in Rochester with a potential sarcoid diagnosis, and the hope of finding answers. Unfortunately, his tests revealed nothing conclusive about the cause of his strange illness. His doctors started to believe that it could be due to viral damage done to his heart tissue – an idea which was further investigated through more intrusive nuclear testing over six months. Despite all our efforts, we were still unable find any definitive explanation for what had happened.

Despite Prescribed Vaccine Causing Cardiac Issues, Man Miraculously Escapes Death: “I Should Have Been Dead”

After extensive consultation with the Mayo Clinic, it has been determined that my diagnosis is unequivocally a result of vaccine-induced rather than viral myocarditis.

Cast Away and Forgotten

Recently, Forbes reported that he is now “maintaining a stable condition”. He attributes his life-saving CRT implant as the reason behind this. In addition to this, Forbes has also mentioned that Metoprolol, a beta blocker which helps with rhythm issues, works effectively for him too. According to The Defender: “it [CRT Implant] saved me once so far” – and we cannot be more proud of how well it worked.

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He spoke of his luck, fitness and access to medical care as the stabilizing forces in his life. But no words can aptly express the emotional upheaval and hardship he had endured.

Reflecting on his experience, he said: “It’s hard to be excluded or dismissed when your injury is valid and you seek justice. I’ve heard it plenty of times that ‘no one forced me to get the shot’ or ‘the vaccine is safe for most people so we should continue getting vaccinated.’ But my story begs to differ.”

Forbes still feels the consequences of his COVID-19 vaccination, including a disconnection from loved ones and an inability to find meaning in life. He has spent multiple years in a state of confusion and trepidation as he grapples with everything related to the virus.

“When I took the shot, I was told it would be safe and effective in protecting others. As it turns out, none of that is true – yet here we are with me being unable to receive any reparations for my harm caused by this false information. It’s disheartening to feel discarded like a piece of trash after making such an important decision based on inaccurate details given to me by those who should have known better.”

The Defender reported that even the doctors of Forbes were unaware of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which was later revealed by Forbes in an article from the renowned magazine, Forbes.

“Shockingly, not one of the doctors or medical clinics had any idea what VAERS was. It ended up being my responsibility to enlighten them on this critical system.”

“Given that – I would love to know why we are being told that the VAERS stats are simply inflated and not legit.”

Finding online support groups for individuals affected by vaccine damage, such as the Vaccine Injury/Side Effects Support Group on Facebook -created by a fellow sufferer of Catherine “Cat” Parker- has been a great source of comfort and relief to Forbes.

“I no longer feel as though I’m alone,” he expressed, with a sense of relief. “It reassures me that I am not going mad and there are other people out here who understand what it’s like to be in the same boat – it’s an incredibly comforting feeling.” He continued: “My ultimate aim is to emerge from this experience loving myself and being able to live my life normally again, but until this issue has been dealt with properly that just isn’t feasible right now.”

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